Singer Featherweight Card Table | Reproduction | Singer 221-301

One of our most popular sewing products!

Reproduction of the classic Singer Featherweight Folding Card Table to fit the 221 Singer Featherweight as well as the larger 301 Singer Sewing Machines.

The Featherweight table may also be ordered for the 301 long or short bed machines. Then you can use a 221 or a short bed 301 in a long bed table by simply sliding them to the left. Use all three machines in the same table! A Featherweight collectors dream come true!  

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Customizable Options:

Description / Singer Featherweight Card Table | Reproduction | Singer 221-301

These popular tables are custom-made per order. Please expect 4-8 weeks for shipping from Nothern Indiana.

Use the drop-down box above under available options to select the type of table you need. Select your largest machine. In other words, if you just have a 221 select the 221. If you also want to use a 301 short or long bed, select either one of those sizes. The 221 will then also work in the same 301 tables.

When the table is made for the 301 it will not have the finger hole cut out like the 221 to lift for bobbin changes. This is not a problem as the 301 has the finger hole cut into the bobbin cover. The 221 can slide to the right for more access.

Our reproduction Featherweight table is Amish handcrafted in cherry using a multi-layer 3/4" cabinet grade plywood cherry veneer top banded on the sides with solid 3/4" cherry hardwood. This construction will likely outlive the original Featherweight tables.

The small Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machines were produced from the 1930s all the way up to the 1960s. They are as popular today as they were in the early years because of their portability.

The classic Featherweight folding table was sold to accommodate this portability and is still a favorite with today’s quiltmakers to set up at home and quilt shows to use their Featherweight machines.

It is also a popular table for those living in small apartments since it can be folded and stored in a closet or behind a door.

Our Featherweight table was designed from an original. It also measures 30 x 30 x 27-1/4 tall. Even with the thicker top, our reproduction table weighs 18 lbs. This is close to the original table that we duplicated it by.  

The cut-out for the 221 size machine measures 15-1/2 long and 7-3/8 wide with a taper down to 7" wide the last 4-1/2" where the bobbin lid fits. This section is then extended to 16-1/2" to fit the 301 short or 19-1/2" for the 301 long bed machines if ordered this way. Both cutouts have the notch out for the electrical plugs for either machine including the 301 top and bottom plugs if equipped. 

Customers have told us that they are also using 222, 201, and 414G machines in their tables. Just measure the length of the machine to see which model you will need if using one of these machines. If you have a 222 please measure the height closely and let us know if we need to modify the table as the 222 can measure as much as 1/2" taller than the 221. We can add 1/2" to the tray depth and then send you a 1/2 panel to use a 221 or your 222 machines. This modification will add $20.

We were a bit surprised by the original table weight and its popularity. When we took on this task, we expected to find a lightweight card table. After working with an original table, we understand they were built to withstand hard use. 

We have tried both American and European-made Featherweight 221 models in the table.

Please let us know if you have one of the early 1930s Featherweight models. These very rare early featherweight machines used a slightly different bobbin winder than the ones built later as pictured.

We searched high and low for sturdy folding legs for the reproduction model and were just not happy with the earlier prototypes using card table leg brackets. The table just had too much wobble for a sewing machine worktable.

We settled on heavy-duty metal folding table legs made for much larger game tables:

  1. These legs have stabilizer angle brackets and a positive lock system to keep them in place much like the original legs.
  2. We especially liked the heavy-duty corner brackets used on the folding legs as they add additional support for the corners.
  3. These sturdy folding legs are a perfect match for our reproduction Featherweight table.
  4. The legs are extremely sturdy with no wobble. 

Since they are being used on a smaller table, we had to adapt one leg with a snap-lock slide-out extension. This slide-out leg extension allows the fourth leg to clear the stabilizing angle bracket on the first folded leg. (Click on the picture of the table underside to see how the table legs nest). The extension uses a push-button snap lock such as those used on tent poles and extension handles used in various applications. One of our customers told us that Singer also used a folding fourth leg extension on some of their early tables to clear the leg brackets when folded.

The original Featherweight tables came with an insert so the table could be used as an extra card table which was popular in this period. For collectors finding an original insert with matching serial numbers is a prized possession.

For a reproduction table to be used for sewing we decided some would just rather not have the extra cost for something they didn't plan to use. With this thought, we have made the insert an optional item that may be selected using the drop-down boxes.

The insert is precision cut to match the wood grain and to provide as few gaps as possible to use the solid surface for other uses.

The table ships dimensional weight. The actual table weight for transport is 18 lbs. We have also found a perfect box for shipping.  This box can also be used for storage when the table is not in use.

Sorry, the Singer 221 and the 301 pictured is not included!  Liz

We also now offer an extended 42" Featherweight folding card table. Click Here to see more.

Order our optional heavy-duty travel bag using the drop-down box at the bottom of the page to protect your new table.

Our Amish-made travel bag features heavy-duty metal zipper double-stitched seams and a full wrap-around carrying strap that supports the table from the bottom up. You may also select a matching travel/storage bag for the Featherweight Sewing machine. The soft side case features two inside pockets for foot control and a manual.

Cottage Craft Works has become a recognized leader in reproduction sewing machine cabinets and custom-made sewing cabinets. From a Singer reproduction treadle cabinet to full-size sewing cabinets we can fix you up with a future family heirloom made of solid hardwoods at close to the same price as particleboard laminate cabinets.

We are also always looking for products like this table that can be reproduced and brought back into the marketplace. 

What our customers say:

I got the table tonight !!!!  It's beautiful and both Featherweight and the 301 fit perfectly!! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you !!



Received it yesterday.  Thank you.  It is beautiful.



Dear Liz,

I love the combo 301/221 Featherweight reproduction card table. It is a good size for my space and is so well made. I think it is beautiful. As you can see in the photos, it is a good fit for my beige 1951 Singer 301A.  I noticed that the photos on your website featured the black machine, so I thought you might like to see how it looks with the beige machine installed. Best of all, the table is at the correct height for sewing, which helps eliminate back strain.

Thank you for providing this wonderful product. I have been telling my quilt guild friends about it and hope that will result in more orders for you.

Warm wishes,



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Customer Reviews

Featherweight Table
Review by
It was worth the wait! Just beautiful

Jane M.
A worthy and well made investment
Review by
I absolutely love this table. It is so thoughtfully constructed and I love having one table that fits my black and white Featherweights and my Singer 301. I originally had a Singer card table for the 301 long bed but this is so much sturdier. It makes rotating between my machines a breeze!

Beautiful Piece of craftmanship
Review by
Dear Paul,
Your wonderful table has transformed my sewing/workspace. It’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Thank you for your work and care.
the most awsome product.
Review by
just received my featherweight table and was over the top impressed, never imagined it would be this beautiful. the workmanship and materials are phenomenal. customer service is on top of their game as well. if you are considering a purchase of this table you will not be disappointed at all, it is the crown to my featherweights and so glad I purchased it.
Love the table
Review by
Love my new sewing table. Beautiful, sturdy and exactly what I expected. Paul was great to work with. This table will be something I can hand down in the family. It's that nice.
Great product, beautiful wood, arrived in perfect condition.
Review by
I just received this table and it fits both my 301 Longbed and my Featherweight 221. Beautiful woodwork, easy to unfold and it arrived in perfect condition! I would highly recommend this table. I would buy a second one if I had room for it. You will love this table.
One Fine Piece of Furniture
Review by
The 221 reproduction card table was my Christmas gift to myself. When it arrived I was amazed at what a gorgeous piece of craftmanship it was. Just sewed on it last night for the first time and I can testify it did not vibrate even a tiny ounce when I had my Featherweight sewing at a full open speed. Most of the time when I travel I have it set up on a plastic table and if you go too fast it starts bouncing. Well this table will travel with me to retreats as it is compliments the work horse that the Featherweight was meant to be. I thought the price was a little high but when you compare that folks are spending around $150 for the acrylic table to go around the Featherweight, it is so much more than that. I am so pleased. Five stars in my book!
Beautiful craftsmanship
Review by
I thought the table would be nice, but was surprised at how truly beautiful it is. The craftsmanship is phenomenal. I am so pleased. I had an issue with the shipper, but Paul was terrific and worked it out for me. I am pleased with the customer service this company provides and will recommend them to others.
Superb table!
Review by
Hi Paul,
We just picked up my table from the PO, unpacked it and set it up. It is stunning! The workmanship is superb and the wood is magnificent. I am thrilled! It will be well loved and taken care of. My husband says that it is incredible. I love it!
Thank you very much for taking the extra time to determine how to ship it to Alaska. It was beautifully packed in styrofoam inside a sturdy box, and traveled well.
Warm regards,
5 stars
Review by
I just received my reproduction Singer Featherweight Card Table to use with both the Singer 301 and 221 sewing machines. This table is perfect, workmanship is fantastic, and I am so happy I found this site. I have looked for several years on eBay for find original tables for both of my machines and could not find one or both that were in decent shape that didn't cost an arm and a leg. This is perfect and I am glad I got it. Its easy to set up and take down and store. I may even get the other model also. Thank you so much!!

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