Pie Maker Interchangeable Die Sets

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Interchangeable mini pie maker die sets for the Cottage Craft Works hand crank Pie Maker-Turnover Machine. Die sets will only fit the Cottage Craft Works Little Pie Maker machine and not other brands.

Available in three sizes, standard half-moon 3” x 5”, smaller half-moon 2-1/2” x 4-1/2” and the rectangle 3” x 6”. For making empanadas, calzones, fried pies, or other traditional meat and fruit pies.

Die sets quickly remove using four Allen screws from the backside.

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Three Pie Shapes and dies available for the Cottage Craft Works Little Pie Maker
Three Pie Shapes and dies available for the Cottage Craft Works Little Pie Maker Replacement 2-1/2 x 4-1/2 Pie Maker Die Set Rectangle 3" x 6" Die Set Use the same position Dies bolt on the back


Priced begins with the standard 3” x 5” and incrementally increases. The other two die sets are made in smaller quantities and are more expensive.

The dies will hold approximately the following amounts of fruit pie fillings. Your actual experience will vary based on the type of pie filling ingredients and the type of dough. You will need to experiment with both the dough recipe and ingredients to obtain the ideal balance of filling and crimping the pies without the filling oozing out.

3" x 5" = Approximantely 3-oz.

2.5" x 4.5"= Approximantely 2-oz.

3" x 6" = Approsimantely 3.25-oz.

The dies are made of food-grade polished aluminum. These die sets are used on our popular Little Pie Maker that came standard with the original 3” x 5” die set. Dies measure 8-3/4” Long x 3-1/16” wide with 7-3/4” center to center tapped bolt holes.

Use the drop-down boxes to select the size. Add to cart and return to shopping if you wish to order more than one set.

Die sets are attached using four Allen screws with a 3/16” Allen head wrench to remove a 1/4" x 20 bolt on each end.

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