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The Little Pie Maker from Cottage Craft Works speaks many different languages. Whether you are making empanadas, calzones, fried pies, or other traditional meat and fruit pies, this little hand-crank machine will help you make them faster and more uniform. 

The machine folds, crimps, trims, and seals all types of turnover and pastry products for frying or baking.  

Three pie sizes are available, priced with the standard size 3" x 5".

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Description / Pie Maker | Fruit Dough | Pie Crust | Turnover Machine

Our economical commercial-grade pie machine makes quick uniform folded pies up to 200 per hour. Your only limitation will be how fast you can make the dough.

This USA Amish-made pie-making wonder machine has been used for years in Amish and non-Amish homes, bakeries, restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, and institutions. We discovered it on one of our back-road trips and even brought one home for our own use. Since we added it to the site it has become one of our top selling products in the US with several going to International destinations.

The Little Pie Maker measures 14-1/4’ wide (19-1/4” including handle) X 11” deep X 9” tall.
The machine is heavy enough to stay in place on the counter yet light and portable to store out of the way or to take on the road.
The Little Pie Maker is base-priced with one die set to make 3” x 5” fold-over pies. The 3" x 5" die set if purchased separately is valued at $170. An optional smaller 2-1/2" x 4-1/2" or a 3" x 6" rectangle larger die sets is also available if you would rather have one of those sizes. Use the drop-down box to select the die that you would like to receive with the pie maker. These optional die sets have an upcharge of $25 since they are made in smaller quantities as they are not as popular as the 3" x 5" dies.
You may also purchase an extra set of dies using the optional additional drop-down boxes. The die sets are interchangeable and quickly remove using four Allen screws from the backside. Selecting the optional die sets will incrementally add to the standard 3" x 5" base price. So, if you purchase the pie maker with the standard 3" x 5" die and then add one of the other 2-1/2" x 4-1/2" or 3" x 6" die sets to have two different sizes, the price will then add $195 to the overall cost.
The new die 3" wide x 6" x 1-1/4" thick die will hold approximately 3/4 cup of filling, about the size of a hot pocket or a perfect size for fried chimichangas. The 3" x 6" die set will need to be cranked a bit slower than the other sizes since it is a larger pie. (The 3" x 6" die set is new and is available in limited quantities) Sorry, no other sizes are available. Click Here to purchase additional pie die sizes if you already have our pie machine.
The dies will hold approximately the following amounts of fruit pie fillings. Your actual experience will vary based on the type of pie filling ingredients and the type of dough. You will need to experiment with both the dough recipe and ingredients to obtain the ideal balance of filling and crimping the pies without the filling oozing out.
3" x 5" = Approximately 3-oz.
2.5" x 4.5"= Approximately 2-oz.
3" x 6" = Approximately 3.25-oz.
Simply roll the dough out as you would to make a pie, place it on top of the mold, add ingredients and then roll and fold.  
The Little Pie Maker works best with 1/8” thick pie and other flour fresh dough mixes. The dough does have to be rolled out flat before it is placed on the machine. To speed up the process for the 3" x 5" pies we cut the dough into 6”-6”-1/4 rounds and stack between wax paper squares.  

A word about frozen dough rounds: We don't recommend using the pie maker with frozen dough. The Little Pie Maker will work best using fresh or refrigerated dough. We have some customers using frozen dough rounds, most with mixed results. Many have not been able to make them work satisfactorily even after they have been allowed to thaw a room temperature. The process and recipes used to formulate frozen dough rounds for empanadas like those made by Goya® change the structure to a rubberier consistency than freshly made dough. While this makes them easier to separate and hold together during freezing and thawing, they do not cut clean or completely through around the edges of the fresh dough on the Little Pie Maker. The pies crimps do not always hold in the frying process and the excess dough around the half-moon shape will need to be finished by rounding with a knife. This is not considered a defect of The Little Pie Maker but rather a customer's decision to use the more convenient frozen dough rounds versus making dough from scratch. 

A word about corn flour: Different cultures may use different dough mixes. The Little Pie Maker works best with flour dough. It is not recommended for corn flour dough pockets as these do not contain the elasticity of wheat flour dough for rolling. If the dough will not roll up with a rolling pin without crumbling it probably will not work well on the pie maker rollers without adjusting the recipe. 

Different cultures may also make various sizes of pies. Even though we may list a certain pie by name the sizes of those pie sizes may differ from one culture to another so, no certain size standards exist. The Little Pie Maker equipped with one of the three dies will make either a 3" x 5", 2-1/2" x 4-1/2", or a 3" x 6" pie that may be filled with the different cultural recipes.

The Little Pie Maker is made commercial duty consisting of all rustproof materials. The aluminum base is powder coated; stainless steel shafts and screws are used to operate the polished food-grade aluminum molding rollers.
The wide-open unobstructed area around the rollers is very easy to clean and sanitize.
Priced for home use but built for commercial use in a business. The Little Pie Maker is Ideal for small pie shops or families to go together and make large batches of various meat and fruit pies to freeze for the season.
Start your own business, franchise, or add to an existing restaurant menu. Follow one of our customers on Facebook that has started their own Empanadas business using Our Little Pie Maker https://www.facebook.com/olanosempanadas
The Little Pie Maker is also perfect for institutional use as well as church and school fundraising events at fall festivals and sporting events.

The Maud Church of God of Prophecy in Maud Texas ordered their second pie maker within a year after receiving such positive growth with their fried pie fundraising events. They were making up to 500 fired pies and selling out within hours using their first pie maker.

All of our products come with a one-year warranty. Replacement parts are readily available if you should ever need them. For as long as we have been selling these machines only two replacement handles have ever been needed from being dropped on the floor.
A word about returns; please review the sizes of pies this machine makes and the type of dough that will be needed to have satisfactory outcomes. For over a decade we have sold hundreds of these machines with many returning to order more of them. No machines have ever been returned based on quality or malfunctioning. The few that have been returned were due to not understanding the finished crimped pie sizes or the dough mixture they were using was just not compatible. Regardless of how much the machine is used our Amish shop owner is very particular about personally going through each returned machine and then discounting them to the local Amish. He charges us a hefty restocking fee when a machine is returned. A $65 restocking fee will apply to returns plus the original shipping cost is not refundable. Luckily, we just don’t have that many returns and don’t have discounted machines available. 
Shipping Options.  

For Continental US Customers UPS Ground will be the most economical shipping option.
Alaska, Hawaii, and International customers contact us for USPS Priority Mail.  Canada customers' UPS Standard should show rates at checkout.  Please contact us if rates do not show or if you are considered a part of the US where we may be able to ship USPS Priority Mail at much less than the UPS displayed rate.
What Our Customer Say.
We received our pie maker and we love it! Thank you so much! 
This was the first time I and my husband shopped at Cottage Craft Works, but it will not be the last. We were looking for a machine to make empanadas and we came across this pie maker. We had some questions, so we called their office, and Paul was extremely helpful! There was also a video on the website, which was nice so we could see the pie maker in action. We decided to purchase it because of its high quality and reasonable price. We just received it yesterday and we are very happy with it already. It's very well made and easy to use! We are so excited to start our business with this amazing product! Thank you, Paul and everyone at Cottage Craft Works for your amazing customer service!!
We received the piemaker today and are very excited to use it. Thanks again for the wonderful service and product.
A.P. Washington D.C. Coffee Shop
Working perfectly.... we use lots of butter in our dough too!  We r getting twice the pies in a batch of crust!  We r so pleased!
Washington State Catering Shop.
We have been using a little piemaker for more than two years to make pies for our farmers market booth. We sell out of all the pies we make each week and are buying a second one to expand our offerings. Very pleased first time around and suspect the same will be true this time. Dan, 10-25-16 Canada.
See Our Video for more on the operation.
Our camera audio amplified the normal clicking sound that occurs as the spring-loaded rollers are resetting to make the next pie. It is not as loud as it may sound in the video.


Piemaker Demonstration Part 1 Video:

Pie maker Demonstration Part 2 Video:

Little Pie Maker | How to change the dies. Video:

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Customer Reviews

Saw one in action loved
Review by
So cool fir family fun
I love using it to make meat pies for family
Review by
Easy to use, easy to clean, my only regret it that they don't have a 3 by 7 mold
Best Pierogi maker
Review by
I am very happy with the pie maker. I purchased he 4.5x2.5 die maker and very very happy with the size of my pierogies. So happy I even tried the fry pies recipe that comes with your maker. Happy happy happy. Thank you Theresa
Best Christmas gift ever!!
Review by
Even though I got the wrong die cast this was the best Christmas gift I ever got! Not only did I get it but now all me perogi that I will make in the future will be enjoyed by all my family and friends thank you for getting it to me before Christmas!!! Great product!!
I got this for our church soup kitchen and it make pie making a lot faster and better than before. One of the best investment we made so far.
Review by
Love it
A great gadget you didn't know you needed
Review by
This little pie maker is just a dream! I made empanadas and strawberry hand pies and it was so much more easier than the traditional way. Even better, people are willing to help because of the fun machine.
I'm hoping to use it at our next church fundraiser and my sons school bake sale. My husband was hesitant at first about the cost of the machine, but is now enjoying the fruit of my labor.
Extremely helpful!
Review by
This was the first time me and my husband shopped at Cottage Craft Works, but it will not be the last. We were looking for a machine to make empanadas and we came across this pie maker. We had some questions, so we called their office, and Paul was extremely helpful! There was also a video on the website, which was nice so we could see the pie maker in action. We decided to purchase it because of it's high quality and reasonable price. We just received it yesterday and we are very happy with it already. It's very well made and easy to use! We are so excited to start our business with this amazing product! Thank you Paul and everyone at Cottage Craft works for your amazing customer service!!

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