Ice Cream Freezer Electric Freezer Head

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Now available in the 8-qt size.
Immergood-White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer. Sized to fit Immergood 4, 6, and 8-qt sizes. Powerful USA triple-action stainless AC motor. The only triple-action ice cream freezer motor ever developed. 
Also replaces White Mountain 4-6 qt electric motors fitting an 11-5/8 diameter tub. The dark tubs like those sold on the Appalachia Series White Mountain freezers will likely fit too tight and may need the tub ears and tub latch modified. Will not fit White Mountain 8-qt freezers.
An adapted version with a 3/8" dasher gear is also available for Country and Lifetime freezers. See note below.
Read more below > Please expect up to two weeks with current demand and parts shortages.
Ice Cream Freezer Electric Freezer Head
Ice Cream Freezer Electric Freezer Head


Order the correct-sized motor for your freezer using the drop-down boxes.

The Immergood 8-qt motor will not fit Immergood 4, and 6-qt freezers, nor will the 4, and 6-qt motors fit the 8-qt freezers. 

The Immergood 8-qt will also not fit the old White Moutain 8-qt.

Immergood does offer an adapted motor to fit the 3/8" dasher stem on the newer Country and Lifetime freezers. It is recommended to order and change the tub latch on the Country freezers for the Immergood freezer to secure down. Lifetime freezers offer a similar cam latch to the Immergood and it doesn't necessarily need to be changed.

White Mountain 4 & 6 qt, Immergood 4 & 6 qt, utilize an 11-5/8"; diameter tub, 1" freezer can drive, and a dasher stem drive to fit over a 7/16" stem, making the Immergood motor frame suitable for all these models. (Actual size of the freezer can lid drive will be 7/8" and the dasher stem drive will be 7/16", the motor and gear frame are sized larger to slide over the top without binding). The dark tubs like those sold on the Appalachia Series White Mountain freezers will likely fit too tight and may need the tub ears and tub latch modified.

Older White Mountain freezers prior to the 1970s may utilize different-sized tubs and only a 3/8" dasher stem drive which may not work with the new style motor. 

Up to this point, ice cream freezers and electric motors only spun the freezer can around a stationary dasher, known as a double action. Compared to a hand crank freezer where the dasher spins in one direction and the freezer can spin in the opposite direction, known as a triple-action mode. The Immergood motor does this triple-action for smoother ice cream

The powerful, efficient motor is much quieter than previous White Mountain Motors. Immergood is no longer using the confusing dial to hardness knob thus, the motor should be shut off when the desired hardness is reached. After timing a few batches using the same salt and ice mixture each time, you should be able to go by the time and the sound to reach your preferred hardness levels. The motor does have overload and overheat protection should you forget to check it.
The high-speed motor is imported to custom specs. Everything else from the housing, gears, electronics, and freezer parts are all USA Amish manufactured using stainless steel. The Amish do not subscribe to planned obsolescence, so they build things to last over corporate profits. This makes them more expensive, but well worth the long-term investment if you are a serious homemade ice cream family.
Warranty! (Motors are warrantied for one year)

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