Clipper Push Reel Lawn Mowers

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Our Best Seller! Manufactured in the USA! 10-Year Warranty! 
Absolutely the Cadillac of Reel Push Mowers. Made in the USA. Extra heavy-duty commercial-grade construction.
Flat Rate Shipping $49.95 anywhere in the Continental USA!
An easy-to-push reel mower with a solid handle, adjustable cut heights, six extra hardened blades, hardened bearings, old-fashioned mower wheels, steel roller brackets, and knobs.  
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Clipper Push Reel Lawn Mowers
Clipper Push Reel Lawn Mower Adjustment Clipper Push Reel Lawn Mowers USA Clipper Mower USA Clipper height adjustment USA Clipper Reel Mower USA Clipper Reel Mower Blades Optional Clipper Grass Catcher Clipper USA Grass Catcher USA Grass Catcher Clipper Reel Mower


Reel mowers are still popular for those who have a small yard and little space to store a gasoline mower.

These are easy-to-push mowers built with a solid handle, adjustable cut heights in 1/4" increments, “zinc plated” steel roller brackets, and knobs. These mowers can be hung on a wall in a small storage unit or garage

The Clipper USA series provide a high-quality silent-type hand push reel mower that simply can not be matched by any other reel mowers on the market today. In fact, the Clipper USA mowers are built just like the original silent reel mowers were.  

Note: The Amish shop sets the mowers with a tight tolerance of just touching the blades against the bed-knife. They have found this setting provides the best cut and keeps the blades sharper longer. You may adjust to your individual preference including the silent mode if you would like.
This is a perfect human-powered lawnmower for small to medium yards.
No Gas or Electric required!
The Clipper USA is manufactured in the USA 
Cutting widths in 17”, 19”, and 21” The price above reflects the 17” select other sizes below using the drop-down box. The additional sizes will incrementally add to the price of the 17”. 
The overall width to the outside of the tires is 17" size = 23", 19" size = 25", and 21" size = 27". 
Mowers come precisely sharpened, greased, and adjusted.
Cutting depth range 1"- 2 1/2" with 9-5/8" tires and 3/4"- 2 1/4" with 9" tires. It is not recommended to cut uneven lawns at the lowest setting as it will likely scalp over high areas and dull the blades quicker.
The standard wheels are now 9-5/8”. The 9-5/8” wheel provides a balance between the 9” and 10” wheels for both bent and tall grasses. A 9” wheel is available using the drop-down boxes for those who may want the ability to mow at ¼” lower for home golf or croquet courses. An additional upcharge applies for the 9” wheel option to cover the labor cost of switching the wheels prior to shipping.
The original Clipper 9” wheel which some use for bentgrass mowing or a 10” wheel which some may use for tall grass mowing has been combined into a 9-5/8” wheel. The 1” difference in the 10” size would seem to provide an additional 1” mowing height. However, only half of the wheel touches the ground, meaning there was only a ½” height difference using a 10” wheel. The 9-5/8” wheel provides an additional ¼” over the previous 9” wheel.
The mower is shipped with the wheel axles tightened down to secure the wheels in place. The axle nuts will need to be loosened just enough to free up the adjustment levers, and then retightend before mowing. This keeps the gears meshing inside of the wheels at the correct angle. Leaving them loose will cause uneven wear on those gears.
We also receive calls about the T-Handle saying that the bolts are too short to put on the nuts. They are carriage bolts with a square shank next to the head. The purpose of this shank is to pull down inside the smaller hole and seat so that you do not have to use a wrench or screwdriver. The tops of the bolts will need to be tapped in with a hammer into the hole until enough thread is showing for the nut to begin to thread on, then take a wrench and pull them down into the handle until they are flush without splintering. Sending any longer bolts could easily cause hands and sleeves to catch on the extended bolts once they are tightened down.
The Clipper USA features:
  • Heat-treated bed-knife is made of special materials to give ultimate toughness and long-lasting sharpness.
  • The six-reel blades are riveted just like the original Silent Scotts were. Riveting does not distort the reel cage like welding the blades.
  • High-tolerance bearings and heat-treated adjustment levers are standard
  • Metal wheels with rubber tires
  • Heavy Duty Roller
  • Ultra-Fine, a one-nut adjustment in 1/4" increments (One thumb nut on each side)
  • Hardened, grade 8 bed-knife bolts
  • Convenient kick bar for mowing tight corners
  • Powder Coated finish with weather-resistant decals
  • Fully Warranted against any defects
  • 9” standard rubber tires, 9-5/8” tires available as an upgrade for the higher cutting height
17" Measures 23" Wide Weighs Approx. 45lbs.
19" Measures 25" Wide Weighs Approx. 49lbs.
21" Measures 27" Wide Weighs Approx. 53lbs.
Add the USA-made rolling grass catcher. Click Here for the optional grass catcher. The grass catcher will fit all sizes from 17” to 21” and folds flat for easy storage.
Contact us for rates to ship to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and International destinations.
Reel mowers were commonly used for mowing yards before the gasoline engines were invented and sized to fit onto a lawnmower. They are still popular for those who have a small yard and little space to store a gasoline mower and the gas can to fuel it. These mowers can be hung on a wall in a small storage unit or garage. 
Reel mowers are also still used in the Amish sustainable living communities where these reel mowers are built and sold for long-term use. Other reel mowers are on the market but do not hold up to the quality that these mowers provide for long-term ownership.
Which Reel Mower Is Best for Me?
We offer all three Amish-made reel mowers to provide our customers with greater selections, options, and price ranges. Too many selections sometimes create more confusion so let’s break them down for a better understanding of the pricing differences.

All three different Amish reel mower companies offer heavy-duty reel push mower models that are hands down much higher in quality than the average reel mowers being sold in hardware and home improvement stores.

The Clipper Reel Mower is the Cadillac-Mercedes of reel mowers. It is all USA-made by the Amish using USA-made parts. The reel has riveted blades and the bed-knife is higher quality US steel and is extra tempered for the longest cutting sharpness. The Bed-Knife and spiral reels were patterned from the vintage Scotts Silent mowers. It is also the most expensive of all reel mowers.  Despite the price, it is also the most popular between the Amish and Non-Amish. Clipper is our best seller.

Mascot Silent Reel Mowers use all imported parts and are assembled overseas. It is strictly quality controlled by an Amish company that personally inspects, sharpens, and tunes each one before it ships to a customer. The Amish company developed it from the vintage Scotts Silent mowers. Many of the parts will interchange with the old Scott mowers. It is a popular mower with high satisfaction for the Amish and Non-Amish who are looking for long-term durability and performance. In fact, we had so many calls about why we did not carry the Mascot Mowers we figured we better check them out and were pleasantly surprised with what we found. We categorize it as a Buick of reel mowers and is priced mid-range of the Amish reel mowers.

Silver Pro Reel Mower was developed by an Amish Company as a more budget-friendly option for Amish families. It uses a combination of imported parts and the US-made parts cousin to the Clipper mowers. It is fully assembled in the US, sharpened, and tuned by the Amish. By some accounts, it would be considered made in the USA since many of the parts are made in the US and it is fully assembled in the US. The reel was just recently improved as shown in the newer pictures to now include riveted spiral blades like the Clipper and Mascot. It also uses imported tempered steel blades. It still features steel wheels and solid rubber tires. We categorize the Silver Pro as the Chevy of reel mowers and it’s priced accordingly. It is still much higher quality than other Non-Amish reel mowers.

Click Here to see all our Amish reel mower options.

A note on returns: Reel mowers are not for everyone as they will give you a good physical workout.

We do provide a 30-day return on our products. Realizing that no one has ever returned a Clipper Reel mower and realizing if one was to be returned, to resell it to another customer, they will be expecting a discount for it being used and returned. Thus a 25% restocking fee would need to be discounted from any refunds for a return.

Watch Demo Video

Push Reel Lawn Mower Maintenance (USA Clipper)

Caution: blades and the bedknife are very sharp. Although we demonstrate in the video taking a bare hand across the blades we are being careful not to run our fingers on the edges of the blades or to place our fingers near the bednife and the reel cage when spinning. Note: The ultimate test of the proper adjustment of the bednife is by using strips of paper. Although the mower may seem stiff out of the box, the bednife may be set properly as shown in the video. This is where many feel that it is too tight and begin adjusting without doing the paper test only to become frustrated with poor performance. New mowers will loosen up over time and the bednife will need to be checked with the strips of paper and adjusted accordingly before each season.

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