Chicken Rollaway Egg Nesting Box 8 Compartment

Available as a front or rear egg collection box!

Our most popular heavy-duty Amish made eight compartment roller egg nesting boxes. These are high-quality galvanized metal nesting boxes built in an Amish metal shop. They are built to last! We have many customers who have come back for more.

Rollaway egg nesting boxes are specially designed to allow eggs to roll forward into an upfront holding tray to keep them safe from chickens stepping on or pecking at them.

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Description / Chicken Rollaway Egg Nesting Box 8 Compartment

When the chicken lays her eggs they roll down PVC coated heavy gauge 1/2” x 1/2” wire mesh floor to the front of the nesting box. Manure droppings drop on through to a pull-out collection tray. No messy laying mats required. To collect the eggs simply lift up the front cover and the eggs will be all lined up for a clean simple collection without having to disturb nesting hens.

Manure cleanout is a breeze, especially on the outside rear collection. You can roll a wheelbarrow right up to the box and pull out the manure trays just under the egg collection trays and dump without ever having to reach in or disturb the layers.

Nesting boxes come with a training egg. These nesting boxes require no nesting material as it will inhibit the eggs from rolling forward. This makes these boxes easy to keep clean and reduces the risk of infestation. If needed, you can use regular amounts of nesting material and then gradually reduce as the chickens become trained.

Rollaway egg nesting boxes do not have plastic lids or trays to break as others on the market. They are made of heavy 26 and 16 gauge galvanized metal. The 26 gauge is used on the main horizontal structure and the 16 gauge is used on some of the ends and main cross supports. Others on the market use thinner gauge metals.

Nesting boxes are simple to install and provide many superior benefits over wooden nesting boxes. 

These nest boxes are easy to clean and sanitize. Boxes have metal mounting cleats, the cleats screw into a solid wall and the nesting box hangs on to the cleats. Simply lift off the complete nest box to remove and power wash and disinfect.

To use as a rear collection the nest boxes are hung backward on the outside of a wall over a cutout hole allowing the open back to then become the entry for the curtains to hang on. When the rear collection is selected using the drop-down box we supply a hinged door to cover the one front side and roost brackets to relocate the roost bar to the new front. Selecting the rear collection in the drop-down box will incrementally show the price difference for these extra parts.

Using them as a rear collection takes up zero space inside the coop and the taller opening created by the slant of the top allows for larger breed birds. 

The roost bar may be lifted up to discourage entry when needed. When used as a rear collection the roost bar may be accessed from the outside through the hinged door.

One nest hole will handle 5-6 hens; 8 nests will generally provide a family with a generous supply of fresh eggs.

Nest holes are 8” tall 11-1/4” wide at the entrance point. Inside compartment measures 14" tall x 12" wide x 11-1/2” deep. When the nest boxes are used in rear collection mode, the entryway then becomes 14" tall perfect for larger breeds.

The eight compartment nest measures overall 48” wide 35” tall 17” deep.

Nesting boxes will be shipped flat and will need complete assembly using 3/16 and 1/4 bolts. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most difficult they will rate between 9-10. People who are mechanically inclined who can visualize from the pictures and the limited assembly drawings seem to do well. Those who need detailed step-by-step instructions will likely struggle without some help. It will be good to have a second set of hands to hold the longer parts as they are being bolted 

Nesting boxes are built in a small Amish shop. Nesting boxes ship using an old fashion UPS Logbook. We will not have electronic tracking numbers. We will give you a general idea of the ship date and then you will just need to let us know if for some reason you don't receive the order within 10 days for us to manually have it tracked. This system has worked very well with hundreds of these nest boxes being shipped.

To print, complete assembly instructions Click Here. To view a customer-made assembly video Click Here.

Commercial operations and those interested in an open concept nest box without dividers be sure to check out our commercial-grade community nesting boxes. These are also Amish manufactured and designed from the much larger commercial boxes. Click Here to see all of our Poultry house products. These boxes take up small spaces yet will handle large flocks. They are also available in front or back collection tray models making them perfect for small coops and chicken tractors.

What our customers say:

"I received and assembled a roll away nest I ordered from you today. I wanted to tell you that I am extremely pleased with the quality and workmanship of this nest. Everything bolted together perfect and was built out of heavy gauge metal. Very impressive".


  J L

  Elbow Lake Minnesota

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Very well made and everything lined up perfectly. I would buy again if I were get more chickens! Just an amazing fit.

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