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Amish Furniture-Classic Sewing Machine Cabinet

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Solid Wood Handcrafted Sewing Machine Cabinet. Our Most Popular Full-Size Sewing Cabinet!

Sewing Machine Cabinet measures 19-1/2 D x 43 W x 31-1/2 tall. When opened, the top provides a wonderful 87-1/2 wide work area.

The cabinet is priced in oak with arched raised panel doors. Several door style and wood options are available. The actual top picture is in Hickory, other pictures are brown maple, cherry, and oak. Hickory cherry and quarter sawn oak have an upcharge that may be added using the drop-down boxes. 

Cabinet comes with an easy push airlift sewing machine shelf rated at 50 lbs. Includes a pullout wall for thread and bobbins and four drawers.

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Amish Furniture-Sewing Machine Cabinet
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Cabinet Size

Sewing Machine Cabinet measures 19-1/2 D x 43 W x 31-1/2 tall. When opened, the top provides a wonderful 87-1/2 wide work area.

Sewing Machine and Insert Size

The sewing machine pushes down into the cabinet using a German-made airlift allowing the top to be closed. When the doors are closed this unit appears to be a sideboard or chest to fit into your decor. 

The sewing machine template is also included and will be cut to fit your specific sewing machine so it will fit flush with the work area. No worry if you ever want to upgrade to a new machine a new template may be cut and sent without having to alter the cabinet top.

The standard sewing machine airlift is rated for up to 50 lbs. This lift will accommodate machines up to 14-1/2" tall.

If you have or have plans for a next-generation sewing machine such as the Bernina 7 series requiring at least 15” space or up to 60 lbs., you will need to upgrade to the extra tall heavy-duty lift. The extra-tall lift will handle machines up to 16-1/2” tall.

Both lifts allow adjustable levels for both tabletop and flatbed sewing. The distance that the lift travels down into the cabinet is also adjustable for a shorter machine now and a taller machine down the road.

The standard kneehole is 20" and will accommodate most standard-size machines in the 14"-17" width range using either a 10” x 18” or 11-1/2 x 20” insert.

If you have a larger embroidery machine up to 19” wide this cabinet will need to be stretched 2” or have the drawers cut down in width. The normal drawer width is 10-1/2" reducing the width by 2" still leaves a nice drawer without having to lengthen the cabinet.

If the cabinet is stretched 4” then it will accommodate sewing machines up to 21” wide using an 11” x 24” template.

There is an upcharge for these modifications.

When measuring the machine, including the spindle, and cords that would be in the machine when it is lowered down into the cabinet. As a rule of thumb add 3” to the length and depth of the machine for the template size. The best way to measure is by setting the machine between two tall, fixed items such as large books and then measuring across the top. Do not include detachable arms and parts that would not be lowered with the machine.

Select Larger Machine Modifications to select a larger kneehole with or without the taller lift option.


You may choose between several other door options. These include shaker style (pictured on the cabinet), Mission style, or standard raised panel. You can select these options in the drop-down boxes. (Pictured Left to Right, Arch Top Style, Mission Style, Shaker Style, Standard Raised Panel Style).

These cabinets utilize solid hardwood on the tops, fronts, doors, and drawer fronts.

The standard cabinet will have cabinet-grade veneer plywood on the sides of the cabinet inside the kneehole and back. Upgraded raised panel sides to match your door selection are also available at an additional expense.

The cabinet is equipped with quality hardware with self-close drawers and double-knuckle hinges on top so the fabric will not snag. Rolling floor casters are standard. Includes a pullout wall for thread and bobbins and four drawers.

You may also add a folding table extension on the backside to extend the table behind the machine, use the drop-down boxes to select a 15" or 18" extension. Note: this table extension will be the same 43" width of the main cabinet and will not extend out past the fold-out tops.

Cabinets are built one at a time with each order, making it easy to customize or reconfigure to your needs. Just drop us an e-mail with your custom request.  A simple change such as reversing the drawers to accommodate a left-hand person can usually be accomplished for around $150

Time Frame

You should expect 3-6 months for your custom cabinet to be built and shipped. Since the pandemic and the uncertainty of the economy, there has been an overwhelming renewed interest and demand for home-based products. Our Amish builders are also facing the same levels of supply chain and labor shortages as other industries. Each cabinet is handcrafted for quality and not mass production speed.

Payment Options

You can order online using a credit card, or PayPal, over the phone, or mail us a check.

Since it is a custom-made cabinet for the customer who is purchasing it. Our system does charge up front for the cabinet.

A word about pricing and shipping cost- We have seen a wide range of prices on Amish sewing cabinets over the years. The factors are the cost of the cabinet and the cost to ship and deliver them. When comparing look at both. Some will increase the price and offer free shipping while others lowball the price and charge by the mile to deliver which may end up costing more to deliver than the cabinet price itself. We feel our flat rate shipping is fair and the prices of our cabinets competitive when you factor in both the cabinet and delivery cost.

Customers tell us that we are already very competitive with other stores selling Amish sewing machine cabinets, but when they start looking at what we include as standard on ours and what the others call options, Cottage Craft Works pricing for these wonderful heirloom quality cabinets just can't be beaten.  We include the spool drawer, the sewing machine template to fit your machine, and we include the rollers. 

Cottage Craft Works has gained a respected reputation for quality sewing cabinets and was mentioned in the December/January 2015 issue of Vogue Patterns Magazine as a resource for Amish handcrafted sewing machine cabinets.

We have several other sewing cabinet styles. Click Here to view all our sewing custom cabinetry for any dream sewing room imaginable. From reproduction treadle cabinets, and specialty Singer Featherweight tables to the most sophisticated solid wood sewing cabinets for the next generation of sewing machines you will see why Cottage Craft Works is on the leading edge in providing handcrafted custom solid wood sewing cabinets.

Click Here to see stain option colors, please note the stain option in the comment section during the checkout.

You may also add a folding table extension on the backside to extend the table behind the machine, use the drop-down boxes to select a 15" or 18" extension. Note: this table extension will be the same 43" width of the main cabinet and will not extend out past the fold-out tops.

Purchase the optional foot treadle for $160.

Shipping Options

You may pick the cabinet up in Northern Indiana; select F.O.B. for no shipping charge.

In-Home Delivery

We utilize insured professional blanket wrap Amish furniture haulers that cover 95% of the Continental US with inside delivery for only $400. The exception might be a remote location at the extreme tip of let’s say a state like Michigan, Main, Florida, or some other location that is difficult to maneuver into for a delivery.

These companies make monthly runs with scheduled pickup dates. We coordinate with the cabinet builders around these pickup dates to ship your cabinet as soon as it’s completed and can be picked up by the hauling company.

Select a $400 shipping deposit for in-home delivery. We will notify you should there be an issue with delivery to your location.


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