White Mountain Freezer Tub Center

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One of our most popular replacement parts! 

USA Amish-made replacement tub center is far superior to the original old cast iron tub centers. This is the part that fastens in the bottom of the wooden tub for the can to spin on. 

Fits most sizes of White Mountain wooden tubs includes stainless screws.

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White Mountain Freezer Tub Center
White Mountain Freezer Tub Center White-mountain-replacement-tub-center Replacement-ice-cream-freezer-tub-center Tub-center-dimensions


The original cast iron tub center replacement is made of a high-quality poly food grade Delrin plastic used for bearings in commercial food equipment. Overall measures 7/8" tall to the very cone tip and 3" in diameter. The cone fits up into the bottom of the freezer can to provide more even bearing wear, leaving about a 5/8" space between the can and tub bottom. We sell hundreds of these a year for over a decade. Out of those we had a couple of issues where the customer had to modify the point down on the tub center or remove built-up rust out of the can pivot point so that the freezer motor would latch down without binding. 

Tub centers are hand machined using the same poly material found in food-grade commercial processing equipment for durable bearing guides and bushings. 

Our Amish shop has found this replacement part to be far superior to the original old cast iron tub center and no longer carries the cast iron tub center that came with the freezers.  

The poly tub center does not rust out and wears just as well as the cast iron.

A $12 flat-rate shipping, handling, and drop-ship fee will apply to all small ice cream freezer parts sold in the US. If you need other ice cream freezer small parts considering ordering them all at the same time to benefit from this one flat rate shipping.

A note on shipping cost: Amish-made ice cream freezer parts have little markup for us, especially when we just sell one item like a tub center. Many companies just do not carry these parts as they are not profitable. We feel that we should support our customers with the parts for the freezers we sell and those needing parts for older model freezers, so they don't have to purchase new ones. In order to help defray the time and cost to process, credit card fees, and the labor to pack and transport to the post office, regardless of how much it cost to ship, we charge a minimum $12 flat rate shipping and handling fee base rate for either one part or for multiple parts in the same order. 

Please contact us for Canada and International shipping rates.

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