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Ceiling hung off-grid self-sufficient drying rack. For over 100 years British homes have relied on the Sheila Maid Clothes Air Drying Racks. A simple drying rack complete with rope and pulleys to hang and lower from a ceiling.

The Shelia Maid is the Eco-Friendly Way of drying wet articles each day. Perfect for cabins, apartments, small rooms, garages to outdoor covered porches.

Simply lower the rack, add your articles to dry, and pull back up out of the way into the warmer air next to the ceiling. The drying rack is a favorite in Great Britain and other European countries because of its small cramped living spaces.

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Description / Vintage Suspended Ceiling Clothes Drying Rack | Sheila Maid Clothes Dryer

The Sheila Maid Clothes Dryer is available in two different lengths with either four or six drying rails. The metal hardware is available in either a clear lacquer finish, black, white, or ivory. You will find a Sheila Maid Clothes Dryer that will fit most applications.

Add a bit of nostalgia to an old-fashioned country kitchen with one of these functional at-the-ready clothes and towel drying racks. These clothes drying racks are also great for drying herbs and noodles. The maximum safe working load is 17 lbs. when the pulleys and rope cleats are screwed securely into a joist or other load-bearing supports.

Each drying rack comes complete with instructions and all the parts needed to install it. These parts consist of the wooden rails, two cast iron rack ends, a single pulley, double pulley, cleat hook and a 33’ of 10m, UK manufactured cotton rope.

Each pulley has a built-in 4" lag screw for easy installation into a ceiling joist.

The wooden rails are cut from sustainable forestry projects. The wood is kiln-dried and left natural without a finish just like they have been made for over a century.  

The Sheila Maid drying racks are currently made in Scotland and are being assembled and shipped by an old-fashioned USA company that has been doing business here since 1895. The company in support of its local county economic development council has developed a sister city relationship through the Scotland Development International Council.

The four rails Sheila Maid is 15.5” wide and the six-rail system is 22” wide. The two available lengths are 57” and 72” long.  Keep in mind the rails can be trimmed shorter allowing you to adapt either length to most spaces.

Price begins with the 57” four-rail system and incrementally adjusts as different models are selected using the drop-down boxes.

Color options for the metal hardware are a clear metal lacquer finish, (the most popular), black and white.

Planning on installing the Sheila Maid in the middle of a room, on a vaulted ceiling, or an extra tall ceiling? If so, you will want to purchase an extra double pulley to route the ropes over towards the wall and then down to the wall cleat. Without the extra pulley, the rope will hang diagonally from the rack down to the wall cleat. 

The extra pulley keeps the ropes up near the ceiling and then drops the rope down the wall right over the wall cleat. Each kit comes with 33’ of rope, an additional 33’ can be purchased using the drop-down boxes. The wall cleat should be hung up high and out of reach of curious kids.

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