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Our two-gallon vinegar crock is the perfect fermenting vessel for batch or continuous fermenting. The thick pottery walls help insulate and provide the ideal dark environment for fermenting. The beveled neck allows rubber bands or string to secure cheesecloth on the top to keep dirt and insects out while open-air can circulate during the fermenting process.

The crock comes with a pottery lid for countertop immediate use or allowing new material to be added for continuous brewing.

The Vinegar wording will be used even with the different colors unless we are instructed not to include it in the comment box at checkout.

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USA Made Vinegar Fermenting Crock
USA Made Vinegar Fermenting Crock Vinegar Fermenting Vessel USA Vinegar Brewing Crock Home Brewed Vinegar Vinegar Crock Bottling Home Brewed Vinegar Sample Colors Option #3 Sample Colors Option #1 Sample Colors Option #2 Spigot Detail Spigot Suppied


Use fruit scraps and leftover wine to ferment sweet home-brewed fruit and red wine vinegar. Homebrewed vinegar is also full of active ingredients making it a natural probiotic. Some claim it’s a natural home remedy for colds and other ailments as well as shampoo and cleaning.

Home brewed vinegar is not as tart and bitter-tasting as store-bought vinegar making it the best-kept secret for cooking and making homemade salad dressings.

Add a Mother or other natural vinegar starter and store the crock in a warm location between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes about two months to fully ferment, so some have several crocks brewing at different intervals. Google “Home Brewing Vinegar” for more information.

The crock will produce approximately one dozen 16 oz. bottles. The bottles are easy to fill as the crock comes equipped with a quality USA-made Polypropylene spigot.

A three-gallon size is also available, select using the drop-down box for the incremental price difference.

Our two-gallon crock measures 8-1/4 wide at the bottom, 7-1/4" wide at the top, and 12" tall. Although you use a cloth to cover the top during the brewing process, we supply a pottery lid as a bonus to cover the crock when it’s not in use. (You supply the cloth and rubber band). The 3-gal water cooler measures 9" wide at the bottom, 7-1/4" wide at the top, and 14" tall.

The standard color is priced in white and blue with Vinegar wording hand-painted on the front as pictured. You may choose other colors using the drop-down boxes. Colors are hand-painted and signed by the artist. Please note: the rooster, red apple, and summer splendor design is a decal and is not hand painted. The Poppy Seed design may include flowers in both blue and peach.

See color samples by clicking to enlarge pictures of various product examples. The white will be the same cream color as the white and blue. Depending on where it is in the kiln the actual white colors may vary between cream and white with some grayish hue or even towards a tan, beige color. Another characteristic of old-fashioned hand-turned pottery.

You may also personalize the crock for $12 using the drop-down box option at the top of the page. In the comment section at checkout please leave us the name that you would like added or email it to us.

We will include the vinegar wording in the colors or personalization unless you instruct us to not include it. Such as Jan’s Home-Brewed Vinegar.

Personalized names and messages will be hand-painted and will look more rustic and free-flowing than printed block letters.

Please expect 2-6 weeks to ship. Because these are so popular stock is sometimes limited and may take up to 8 weeks to make new ones and to ship. Most of the colors including plain white and personalized items are custom-made per order and will take up to 8 weeks.

Stoneware Pottery is made in the U.S.A in Texas by a small family-owned and operated pottery company that, has been making quality pottery for over 22 years. Each piece is hand turned by a master potter, hand-painted or finished, and then coated with a lead-free glaze.

The spigot is also USA-made in an ISO9000 certified factory. It is NSF certified and made of Polypropylene - FDA Grade. Meets ASTM Standard D4101 specifications. Polypropylene has been determined to be a safer alternative to BPA polycarbonate and other plastic products.

The spigot fits a 3/4" hole and has a 7/8" threaded area.

The spigot will not be installed to protect it during shipping. To install Insert the spigot with rubber washer bevels facing each side of the open hole. Place the spigot so that the handle top is pointing at 9 o’clock. Reach in and add the inside washer and nut. Hand tightens and then hold the nut while turning the outside spigot to 12 o’clock, or straight up. Add water up to and over the spigot inside. Place a napkin under the spigot and just under the front of the crock. Check for leaks over several hours. If leaking loosen the nut and turn the spigot to 6 o’clock and repeat the steps. Note: Over-tightening will push the rubber washers to the side and may cause it to leak. Check the bottom for wetness over a period of days.

Because pottery is hand-turned dimensions may vary slightly. Stoneware pottery may also develop small imperfections during the firing and glazing process. All food contact surfaces are inspected for such imperfections before shipping. The outside may have imperfections that add to the character of the stoneware.

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Click Here to view our optional stoneware crock stand to elevate the crock up off a countertop.

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