USA Stoneware | Water Coolers | Blue Stripe | 1-3 Gallon

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Our old-fashioned American Heritage water coolers are available in 1, 2, and 3-gallon sizes.

Our USA-made crocks are still made the old-fashioned way using lead and cadmium-free natural clay and glaze and shipped with an NSF-approved USA-made spigot. 

Stoneware pottery crocks provide natural cooling making them ideal for drinking water dispensers just as they were being used before refrigeration.

Custom hand-painting and personalization options are available.

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USA Stoneware | Water Coolers | Blue Stripe | 1-3 Gallon
USA Stoneware | Water Coolers | Blue Stripe | 1-3 Gallon USA Stoneware | Water Coolers | Blue Stripe | 1-3 Gallon USA Stoneware | Water Coolers | Blue Stripe | 1-3 Gallon USA Stoneware | Water Coolers Color Option 1 USA Stoneware | Water Coolers Color Option 2 USA Stoneware | Water Coolers Color Option 3 Custom Wild Flower In Vietnamese USA Stoneware | Water Coolers | Blue Stripe | 1-3 Gallon Spigot Installation


Note: These water coolers are not designed to hold a 5-gallon water bottle on top. We also carry a water bottle crock designed for the 5-gal water bottles. They are made shorter and wider to stabilize the water bottle. Click Here for more information.

You may find cheaper imported ceramic water crocks; these are still being made right here in Texas from hand-turned stoneware pottery, just as they were in early times.

Water cooler crocks are handy for parties or family gatherings. 
Water Coolers will also hold hot liquids but will not hold the temperature for extended periods. Stoneware should slowly be brought up to temperature to prevent cracking when pouring in hot liquids.
Before refrigerated drinking fountains, water would be kept in a pottery jug. The pottery naturally provided a cooling effect to any liquid stored inside, however not to the level of modern-day refrigeration.
These Pottery Coolers are mostly used to store fresh drinking water just as they were used in the early 1900s. They are also great for tea, lemonade, sangria, and other liquid drinks.
The standard color is priced in blue stripe. You may choose other colors using the drop-down box at the top of the page. Colors are hand-painted and signed by the artist. Please note: the rooster, red apple, and summer splendor design is a decal and is not hand painted. The Poppy Seed design will include flowers in both blue and peach, which may be on opposite sides of the stoneware.
See color samples by clicking to enlarge pictures of various product examples. The white will be the same cream color as the blue stripe. Depending on where it is in the kiln the actual white colors may vary from the pictures between cream and white with some grayish hue or even towards a tan, beige color. Another characteristic of old-fashioned hand-turned pottery.
The price above reflects the 1-gal size, select 2 & 3-gal using the drop-down box. 
1-gal water cooler measures 7-1/2 wide at the bottom 6-3/4 wide at the top and 10" tall.
The actual lid size for the 1 gal is 5-1/4" for those looking to use a water filter.
2-gal water cooler measures 8-1/4 wide at the bottom, 7-1/4" wide at the top, and 12" tall.
The actual lid size for the 2-gal is 6" for those looking to use a water filter.
3-gal water cooler measures 9" wide at the bottom, 7-1/4" wide at the top, and 14" tall.
The actual lid size for the 3-gal is 6" for those looking to use a water filter
The price above also reflects a one-gallon plain or blue stripe.  As different colors and sizes are selected using the drop-down boxes at the top of the page the +$ will incrementally add to the above price.
Stoneware may also be personalized for $12 using the drop-down box option at the top of the page. In the comment section at checkout please leave us the name that you would like added or e-mail it to us. Personalized names and messages will be hand-painted.
The standard blue stripe may take 3-4 weeks to ship. Most of the colors including white and personalized items are custom-made per order and may take around 8 weeks to ship.
Stoneware Pottery is USA-made in Texas by a small family-owned and operated pottery company, which has been making quality pottery for over 22 years. Each piece is hand turned by a master potter, hand-painted or finished, and then coated with a lead-free glaze.
The water spigot is also USA-made in an ISO9000 certified factory. It is NSF certified and made of Polypropylene - FDA Grade. Meets ASTM Standard D4101 specifications. Polypropylene has been determined to be a safer alternative to BPA polycarbonate and other plastic products.
The spigot fits a 3/4" hole and has a 7/8" threaded area.
From time to time we do have a request for stainless spigots which, we do not offer. We just haven’t found a consistent supplier but do offer this Link to an Amazon account that one of our customers shared. 
The spigot will not be installed to protect it during shipping. To install Insert the spigot with rubber washer bevels facing each side of the open hole. Place the spigot so that the handle top is pointing at 9 o’clock. Reach in and add the inside washer and nut. Hand tighten and then hold the nut while turning the outside spigot to 12 o’clock, or straight up. Add water up to and over the spigot inside. Place a napkin under the spigot and just under the front of the crock. Check for leaks over several hours. If leaking loosen the nut and turn the spigot to 6 o’clock and repeat the steps. Note: Over tightening will push the rubber washers to the side and may cause it to leak. Check the bottom for wetness over a period of days.
Because pottery is hand turned dimensions may vary slightly. Stoneware pottery may also develop small imperfections during the firing and glazing process.  All food contact surfaces are inspected for such imperfections before shipping. The outside may have imperfections that add to the character of the stoneware.
Lids on stoneware pottery are made just like the old ones and then fired. In order to fire them, some of the bottoms ar left unglazed where they will sit in the kiln. This is normal so they do not stick during the process. The original lids were made the same as you can see on antique crocks and churns.  
Microwave, Oven, and Dishwasher Safe. The pottery is durable and functional for everyday use.  
A Note About Shipping Cost
Shipping fragile pottery has become challenging and expensive, especially when it is shipped to the East and West Coast. The item must be double boxed or shipped in an oversized box in order to protect the pottery when shipped, and unfortunately, carriers determine their rates based on the overall dimensions of the box. These rates are based on “Dimensional Box Weight” instead of the actual product weight. The shop must also cover the cost of all the extra boxes and packing material so an additional $5 is built into the overall shipping 
We don’t feel that it is fair to those living in the Midwest to "pad" the product price to cover shipping to all areas and then make it seem like we are offering free or discounted shipping. Therefore, please understand why we are charging the shipping that we charge. We try to keep prices as low as possible but we also want your new pottery to arrive safely. 
A Note About Moisture
You will want to keep your water crock on a non-porous surface or use a barrier when placed on wooden stands or furniture.
For many reasons, moisture or dampness may develop underneath the crock from water running down the sides from filling, a leaking spigot, or from sweating caused by temperature variances in the liquids being used. A barrier such as a large plate, clear plexiglass, clear plastic flower pot protectors, or a ceramic tile square may help prevent potential moisture damage to wooden furniture tops. 
Click Here to view our optional stoneware crock stand to elevate the crock up off a countertop.
 We receive many calls about a stand as we have pictured with our water bottle dispensing crock. This is a family antique table that we do not have available. In your search for stands, look for plant stands as they are generally made of materials for withstanding water, and they will have a wider or flared leg base to better stabilize the table when pouring water in the top.

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