USA Immergood Ice cream freezers | 8 Quart Hand Crank

Take a closer look at the quality material and craftsmanship and you will quickly realize that Immergood USA-made old fashion quality ice cream freezers are being made much like ice cream freezers manufactured at the turn of the century.

Ever since Immergood introduced their original 6-qt freezer, people wanting to make larger batches of ice cream have been requesting an 8-qt model like the original White Mountain 8-qt freezers.

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Description / USA Immergood Ice cream freezers | 8 Quart Hand Crank

Immergood has once again raised the bar on delivering old-fashioned quality by introducing their new 8 qt model. 

Some call this the Immergood "Premium" 8-qt freezer. It has all stainless crank frame, gears, can, dasher and hardware. This freezer originally started with powder-coated crank assembly and nickel-plated dasher, when Immergood introduced their new all stainless freezers people started going for them and the powder-coated models were discontinued in June 2019. We were the very first company to introduce Immergood on the Internet and sold both the powder-coated frame and the stainless models thus, why we have the same freezer now listed in two different locations. Both are now the same at the same price.

With a double-wall insulated leak-proof tub, an all stainless steel positive tub latch system, and then topped with a heavy-duty gear frame; Immergood Ice Cream Freezers have become the cream of the crop of ice cream freezers.

While wooden freezer tubs add a bit of nostalgia to making ice cream; the wooden bucket staves tend to dry out and leak over time. Wooden tubs provide very little insulating capabilities requiring the ice cream to be used or stored quickly. Immergood tubs are durable, leak-free, and will hold ice cream for several hours depending on the outside temperatures.

Add an optional insulated stainless tub cover. The cover will allow you to remove the frame and dasher and keep the ice cream in the bucket for extended periods. Some Amish report keeping ice cream for days in the covered tub. Click Here to purchase the tub cover. Individual experiences may vary.

The freezer will come with a standard clear can lid which, has become the most popular to view the ice cream as it's being made. 

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Tubs are made of a durable molded poly that has been specially designed to provide an open-air space. The tub construction is like the molding process used on the high-end extreme outdoor ice chest. This air gap is then filled with foam. Ice cream keeps up to three times longer than in traditional ice cream freezers and the outside of the tub does not sweat like a single-layer tub.

Immergood made the gear frame complete with all stainless-steel gears and nylon bushings to provide a significant upgrade from any other hand-crank freezer gear frame ever made.

Each Immergood freezer is manufactured with its own unique serial number. Immergood is handcrafted in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Designed and manufactured by the Amish who just build things to last a lifetime.  

Immergood freezers were designed from the experiences and frustrations of using other ice cream freezers on the market. 

While most ice cream freezer manufacturers have cut costs by using thinner stainless-steel freezer cans and thin to nonexistent tub latches. Immergood uses only heavy stainless-steel cans and designed their own positive cam lock tub latch system. Immergood freezer cans are 40% thicker than White Mountain.

You will feel the quality when lifting it. Weighing 20 lbs the Immergood 8 qt is no lightweight freezer.

Only one other 8 qt freezer is still being manufactured by Country Freezers.

Country Freezers kept the same 6-1/4” diameter can size on their freezers from the 4 to 8 qt. The Country 8 qt freezer can is 19” deep making it difficult to scoop out the ice cream without an extra-long spoon. In contrast, the Immergood can size is 7” in diameter and only 13” deep making it much easier to scoop out from the bottom of the can.

Immergood 8 qt tub is 13-1/4” in diameter compared to the Country 8 qt tub 11-3/4” in diameter allowing more space to pack ice around the freezer can.

Immergood 8 qt features a stainless triple-action dasher with poly scrapers.

The tub center and scrapers are made from a durable Delrin high impact plastic that the Amish have been using for several years to replace the old cast iron tub centers used in the White Mountain freezers.

Immergood provides a 3 Year Warranty on all their hand-crank freezers. 

Is there an electric motor option?

Sorry, there is no electric motor option as of yet for the Immergood 8-qt. The new Immergood 6-qt motor will not fit the 8-qt. This is because the wider tub on the Immergood 8-qt was made so that the freezer can would also be wider and easier to scoop ice cream out of. Immergood expects to have an electric motor option in 2022. 

The Immergood 8 qt ships for $20.00 flat rate to anywhere in the continental US. Contact us via e-mail for shipping rates outside the Continental USA.

Also available in the 6 qt model. Click Here for more information.







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USA Immergood Ice cream freezers | 8 Quart Hand Crank
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