Two Row Garden Row Builder, Hiller, Hipper

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Quickly build two planting rows in a single pass for dual-row planting. Two sets of 14” garden row Hiller disc. Easy to adjust row width-distance.

This row builder really works great for dense dual-row crop planting of two rows side by side

Developed from the original and most popular garden line row builder customers have asked how they could add another set of the disc to make two rows at once.

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Dual-Row Garden Row Builder, Hipper, Hiller
Dual-Row Garden Row Builder, Hipper, Hiller


The row builders have become very popular, especially during the early spring months. You should expect shipping to take 2-4 weeks up through April and then 4-8 weeks as the spring planting season is in full swing. This is dependent on the shop being able to keep up with the raw materials, and parts to fill orders with supply chain shortages. If you really want to get one it is probably best to get one on order and be in line as the parts that trickle in go to the backorders and the cycle starts over.

The 80” long toolbar gives ample spacing for two sets of disc row builders. Easily adjust the width of the desired row and distance between the rows including side-by-side dual-row planting. The dual-row planting method is becoming very popular in the Southern states for cotton, corn, beans, and peas. Two rows side by side provide a denser crop growth making it more stable and providing a bigger harvest in less space. The inside disc can be spaced between the drop-down bars leading up to the 3-pt hitch. Even with a 60” toolbar on the original spacing of two sets of the disc around the wheel tracks was not feasible, however, with an 80” toolbar spacing, it is not as problematic.  

The two-row is still best suited for 12-30 HP tractors, you will just need to verify an 80” reach across your back wheels to see how your row spacing might work out. Ideally, the disc works best in a newly tilled loose soil to pull it up into a row. The faster you go the taller the mound. Trying to pick up the compacted soil in the path of the tractor's back wheels is not as easy unless you set the disc to make a wide row pulling up the soil on each side to cover the path of the wheels.

The two-row builder works well with the two rows spaced between the wheels for dual-row planting or on smaller narrow wheelbase compact tractors on the outside of the rows. Of course, you can also equip it with just one set of discs for a single-row building.

Shipping Note: The 80” toolbar and disc ship in two boxes. Because of the length and width of the 3-pt hitch toolbar shipping cost is based on the dimensional oversized weight including surcharges which can add upwards of $200 +or- to the shipping cost. Still well worth the time and labor it will save you over the coming years of service.

We also sell a row opener attachment that mounts on the toolbar behind and in between the disc that will allow you to pull open a planting furrow. You would just need to order two sets. Click Here for more information.

A word on Shipping: The toolbar may arrive with scratches. It would be cost-prohibitive or require truck freight at double the cost to ship if they were to be boxed. Shipping is already expensive as it is because of the toolbar length. Sorry to our Canadian customers but for this reason, we do not ship these to Canada.

FedEx and UPS now use algorithms that add surcharges for some locations that are not always picked up in the shipping calculator. For the most part, the shipping calculator is accurate but occasionally we find shipping to some of the Western states catches us with surprise shipping rates. If this is the case, we may need to contact the customer for additional shipping.

The toolbar will ship by itself unboxed via FedEx on one truck and the other parts will likely ship on another truck. The row builders are extremely popular, and we have shipped 100s of the toolbars this way for many years. For the most part, they arrive in good condition. You should expect scratches in the paint from pulling on and off trucks, but because they are made of heavy steel, superficial scratches will not interfere with the performance or structural integrity.

If you would rather pay to have it truck freighted just send us an email for a shipping quote. The color is IHC Red that is carried in most implement and farm stores for touch-up if needed. The reality is that they will likely be scratched when moving the shanks back and forth. FedEx does not recognize nor reimburse for scratches only if the toolbar is bent which is highly unlikely and has never occurred.

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit 

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