Turkey Locator | Owl Call Hooter

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The Owl Hooter provides a good duplication of the great horned owl and is an excellent locator call for early mornings to get that old tom to give up his position so you can move in and set up on him without spooking him. Although toms will gobble to the owl call throughout the day, the best time is in the first two hours of daylight, then the last two hours of the day. In between times, the crow and hen turkey calls come into play to get him to sound off.

The Owl Hooter has a two-stage sounding chamber so you can keep it quiet if you are up close or louder to reach the next ridge. Owl Hooter measures 4-1/2" x 1-3/4" round has a two-stage sounding chamber to vary the sound. The call has an engraved picture of an owl, the actual stain color of this call may vary from the one pictured.

Turkey Locator | Owl Call Hooter
Turkey Locator | Owl Call Hooter


The USA-made hunting calls are Amish handcrafted using selected premium hardwood combinations. The hardwood combinations are selected by a skilled Amish craftsman who has studied wildlife for years perfecting his calls to provide the richest natural tones of any hunting call made.

Hunting calls are our backbone initially launching Cottage Craft Works and CCW Hunting Calls. Since our introduction to the market in 2006, our beautiful Amish handcrafted hunting calls have become very popular. They sound as good as they look. With our custom engraving option, the calls have become even more popular as wedding and personal gift options.

For custom engraving, you may select and add the call(s) to the shopping cart and then return to select the individual engraving option leaving us the engraving message in the comment box at checkout.

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