Turkey Box Call Boat Paddle 10 Inch

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Our 10-inch Boat Paddle Turkey Box Call is built just like our popular half-moon handle box calls. Some call this a "Long Box Call". The additional length allows for a 1" longer sounding chamber. This provides a deeper and richer yelp and allows the sound to travel out for those windy days.

The paddle also has more contact surface, making it easier to maneuver over the sounding boards to produce all the turkey talk needed to bring in the trophy birds. Overall, the call is 9-3/4" long and 1-1/2" wide. Available in walnut, or a cherry base with popular sides and a cherry paddle, walnut base pictured. The paddle engravings may vary from what is pictured.

Turkey Box Call- Boat Paddle 10"inch-
Turkey Box Call- Boat Paddle 10"inch- Cherry Boat Paddle Call Boat Paddle Call CCW Turkey Box Call 10 Inch Boat Paddle Turkey Box Call- Boat Paddle Call


Turkey calls are Amish USA handcrafted.

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