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Tool battery Table-Hanging DC light

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Tabletop or hanging dimmable DC LED light fixture. Tool battery adapter powered. Includes 5-watt dimmable bulb. Produces 1800 lumen nearly 3 times the brightness of the power tool company light adapters. Attractive all-metal powder-coated base complete with shade diffuser. All USA-made for Amish off-grid home use.

Stop wasting money on cheaply made plastic lights and flashlight batteries to power your outdoor and indoor off-grid activities. These workhorses are made by the Amish for their everyday lighting needs in their homes, businesses, and workshops.

Available docking station adapter for 18-20-volt Dewalt, Makita, and Milwaukee battery packs in either a copper vein or silver vein powder-coated finish. Use the drop-down boxes to make your selections.

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Tool Battery DC Light Fixture
Tool Battery DC Light Fixture Tool Battery Adapter DC LED Light


As the Amish transition from oil lights to safer battery-powered lights, they have moved from the larger bulky car battery power sources to now take advantage of the battery packs they also use on their workshop power tools.

The development and refining of low battery-draining corn cobb LED DC light bulb technology has also facilitated the use of lighter easier to use battery sources. The lower 15-Watt bulbs also provide nearly the same light brightness as a 60 Watt AC bulb.

Patterned to look more like an old-fashioned oil lamp these attractive DC lighting fixtures are perfect for home, and business lighting needs when grid power is not always dependable or available or during storm damage.

The molded battery pack docking station works just like it does on a power tool to firmly hold the battery in place in any position. It is more than just a black box with some wiring, it contains electronic circuitry that regulates the voltage and provides automatic shutdown when the battery reaches low power limits.

These lights are also dimmable another feature you won’t find on most tool company battery pack lights. Being able to dim them allows peak time lighting when chores and reading are required to softer subdued lighting when the family is winding down after dinner.

The lower setting on the dimmer also lengthens the battery time from 5-1/2 hours on high to an amazing 200 hours on dim.  Actual experience may vary based on the age of the battery packs. Low battery protection is built-in.

These units do not recharge the batteries, you will still need a battery charging docking station that comes with the power tools and charges the battery the same way that you charge them. The Amish have multiple battery packs and use either solar charging stations or charge while running generators for short time uses. The battery Pack is also not included as pictured.

Uses a standard base 12-24 Volt DC 15-Watt Dimmer LED Bulb, many campers, and RV stores carry the LED bulbs but may not stock the dimmer bulb. These bulbs have a long life span and one is included with the light. You may order an additional bulb as a spare using the drop-down box.

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