Super Deluxe Air Power Blender-Mixer

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Commercial-duty air motor base Conversion Bosh Universal Mixer with both mixing bowl and blender ports.

When you do not have electricity available and need to mix up a big batch of food or make slush drinks, this heavy-duty combo will get the job done. Runs totally off stored compressed air.

Includes 6 qt mixing bowl, Blender Pitcher, Beaters, Cookbook, and Tamper.

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Super Deluxe Air Power Blender-Mixer
Super Deluxe Air Power Blender-Mixer


Air-powered appliances are an alternative for those living off the grid. Compressed air is stored in large air tanks, some the size of an LP tank. Air Compressors are powered by gasoline, diesel, motors, or utilize wind and water wheel power. Without leaks at the fittings, the air tank will hold hours of use and takes only a few minutes to re-pressurize.

Air motor base is manufactured in an Amish shop that specializes in sizing airpower motors to use in place of standard electric motors. Air motor conversions are expensive but with fewer parts to go bad they will likely outlast electric motors.

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