Starling Trap V-Top Plan Book

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Starling Trapping Plan Book

New and Revised! V-Top Plan Booklet A complete how-to booklet with step-by-step instructions filled with photos, plus lots of tips and tricks!

The best time to capture starlings is when the ground is covered with snow. Use table scraps for bait. Re-bait after more snow has fallen or pour a pail of hot water over the bait (to melt the snow).

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Starling V Trap
Starling Trap V-Top Plan Book Starling V Trap


Clean the trap in the spring by moving it. Place the trap on the east side of buildings, for the early winter morning sun, for best results. Also, place near trees or shrubs. For summer starling trapping set a trap next to a mulberry tree or other berry bush. Use corn for bait. Flocks of young starlings will feed on the berries and then come in for the bait.

I Yoder of PA, writes, "I put garbage in it and went off to a farm sale when I returned home all I saw it was just black.

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