Stainless Steel 15 Qt Canner

Self-Sufficient, Food Preserving, Large Capacity Water Bath Canner!

Quickly process up to 15 quarts or *36-pint jars of homemade goodies at one time. Extra-large stainless-steel canner measures 20 x 12 x 12 with a stainless-steel rack bottom to keep the jars from having direct heat. Unlike the pot canners, our stainless-steel canner provides ample room to fully cover the tops for a sure seal of the lids and still leave space to prevent boilovers. This means fewer wasted lids and having to reseal again. 

USA Made in an Amish metal shop using 22ga. 304 USA Stainless Steel. Designed for outdoor use the canner will fit over two gas burner LP stoves.

This canner has no solder, all the seams are welded, it is food safe and lead-free. 

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Description / Stainless Steel 15 Qt Canner

There is no worry about running this one dry and melting out the solder. Comes with a lid and rack. 

Safety Warning:  Please note while many have touted the benefits of Amish box canners and have shared pictures using them on a cookstove, little discussion has occurred on the limited clearances they leave on the back, tops, and sides of the canner in a traditional home kitchen. Most home kitchens and cookstoves were not designed in anticipation of the intense heat created towards the backside and on cabinets above the stove when using a box canner in a traditional kitchen. This type of heat may cause surrounding damage or fire risk. The Amish build their kitchens or use supplementary canning kitchens to take this heat during long canning seasons. For this reason, we have always only recommended it to be used outdoors in an open area on a propane stove.

 What our customers think:

It’s a great canner for the price, nice welds on the bath he is a professional at his trade. I think the guy did a great job overall and is proud of his work which shows; I would recommend it to anyone that cans. Far nicer than any of the other ones I have seen, 22 gauge is a big difference than 24 gauge (the smaller number is thicker) and welded vs soldered. We canned up sliced apples last weekend and to tell you doing 15 ball quarts jars at one time was such a time-saver, wish we had it when we did the peaches.


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Stainless Steel 15 Qt Canner
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