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Popular Rudersberg German sewing machine airlift used in our Amish custom sewing cabinets. This is the same German-made heavy-duty lift that will hold up to 50 lbs. for larger machines. Others were selling this lift for much more and can no longer get them from the original German distributor. 

A sewing machine airlift is widely used in sewing cabinets made in custom woodworking shops across the country. Our Amish hardware distributor orders them directly from the German manufacturer in large container quantities allowing us to have them available and offer them at such a great discount.

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Description / Sewing Machine Air Lift Mechanism | Sewing Cabinet Hardware

The lift allows the sewing machine to be lowered into the cabinet when it’s not in use.

Two positions at the top levels allow the machine sewing bed to come up level with the cabinet top, or to be lifted to the tabletop height to use with add-on attachments such as embroidery heads. 
Two fast taps pushing down just like bouncing a basketball close to the floor releases the lift. Adjustable set screws lockdown once the machine settings are determined. If you plan on using the lift for an additional machine simply add a block of wood the thickness needed to adjust between machines without having to readjust settings each time.
The quiet airlift mechanism uses no springs and is rated for machines up to 50 lbs. The lift will accommodate sewing machines up to 14 ¾” tall. Please note that some of the next-generation quilter machines such as the newer Bernina 7 Series will require a longer travel lift with a capacity of up to 60 lbs. This lift will not work on those machines so please verify your machine weight and height. We also carry a heavy-duty lift 60 lb. lift with a 16-1/2" travel that will work with the Bernina 7 Series machines. Click Here
This lift can also be used as a serger lift by installing it on a pull-out wall to the side of the kneehole space so that a swivel chair can be used to turn and use the serger. We also carry a serger scissor lift Click Here for more information.
The maximum height will be 19-1/4” at the tabletop position. (See spec sheet image) This will be the determining factor in the mounting and block placement in the construction of your cabinet. Remember to add the sewing machine base plate to the top of the lift when determining the mounting position. Most will use a ¾” thick tabletop the size of the machine base.
The minimum size clearance hole at the top will be 12-1/2” W x 11-1/16” deep. Our Amish-built cabinets have a hole cut around 1-1/2”- 2” larger than the machine base. A top-notch is routed around the edge to flush a ¼” Plexiglas template that is cut inside to fit over the machine base at the flatbed position.
This template provides the opportunity to upgrade or use different machines and templates in the same cabinet without ever having to enlarge the hole.
The overall height of the lift is 19-1/4" x 11" Deep x 12-3/4" wide, with a maxim lift travel of 14-1/2". Hole spacing for mounting is 8-1/4" center-to-center top horizontal angle bracket and 6-3/4" center-to-center bottom horizontal angle bracket. The vertical distance to the centerline in the top and bottom horizontal mounting bracket holes is then 17-3/4". The distance from the back of the lift where it will mount against the back of the cabinet to the front of the "Y" brackets is 11" and from the front of the lift out to the end of the "Y" brackets for the sewing machine shelf is 8-1/2".
The sewing machine shelf "Y" brackets are 12-1/2" outside tip to outside tip. The sewing machine shelf that will attach to the sewing lift "Y" brackets should be the same thickness of the sewing cabinet top and can be cut to fit all sizes of sewing machines. The minimum size shelf to cover the "Y" brackets will be 12-1/2" wide x 8" deep if being used on a small machine such as a serger. Regardless of the size, the sewing machine should sit as much to the center of the sewing lift "Y" brackets so as not to cause undue leverage on the roller carriage assembly when pushing down to release the machine. In other words, if the lift is being used in a retrofitted deep desk more than 20" deep a platform back extension should be built to mount the lift forward in the cabinet to make up the difference instead of attempting to build a deeper sewing machine shelf and having the sewing machine sitting out in front of the "Y" brackets.
We receive numerous calls regarding retrofitting one of these lifts into a vintage sewing cabinet specifically built for sewing machines using head hinge pins to fold the machine down into the cabinet. Those cabinets were not built with a substantial-sized back or depth to utilize the air machine lift mechanism.
Attaches with six #8 wood screws for installation. (Not Included) The lift will require at least 3/4" blocking or solid surface for mounting. The Amish cabinet builders add a shelf to also screw the bottom angle as extra support and storage.
The sewing cabinet and clear template are pictured for visual information on how the lift works and is also (Not Included).
Please note: It is difficult to manufacture a universal sewing lift for all the different weights of sewing machines. The stated capacity is the maximum weight that should be used on the lift. If you use a lighter-weight machine it may require a little more effort to push the machine down into storage position, but it should come up quite easily. If it is a heavy machine it will be easier to lower but you may need to assist the lift to raise the machine over the last inch or two to raise on up to the sewing bed height or the tabletop height. 


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Customer Reviews

Vey Pleased with sewing machine lift
Review by
I am very pleased with the sewing machince lift that I purchased from your company. It is very well made of high quality material. The instructions on your website for the measurements to make sure that it will work in the cabinet are spot on and very easy to understand. The lift went into my wife's Koala cabinet very easy. The lift works well and is easy for my wife to use. I did use stove bolts instead of screws to hold the lift in place as the cabinet is made out of particle board and did not trust the screws as the old lift had screws coming loose. I would highly recommend this lift and the people at Cottage Craft Works are very friendly and helpful. Will buy form this company again when needing something.

William Allender
Easy Install, Flawless Operation
Review by
This product was easy to install in a new sewing table that I built. After installation, the mechanism operates flawlessly, and provides a sturdy and stable sewing base.

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