Self-Heating Gasoline Iron

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Self-Sufficient, Off Grid Survival, Old Fashioned Gasoline Clothes Iron.

Model 9100 Brand New, manufactured by the Even Heat Manufacturing Company U.S.A. for people living a back-to-basic off-grid lifestyle, or for collectors.

This Iron utilizes a pre-heating system of denatured alcohol placed into the generator assembly. The denatured alcohol is lit first allowing the iron base to heat up, then switch on the flow of gas to finish the lighting procedure. 

The iron comes with a pre-heat bottle and a gas fill bottle. These are used to add denatured alcohol into the generator reservoir and filling the iron with less chance of spilling.

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Self-Heating Gasoline Iron
Self-Heating Gasoline Iron Base Self-Heating Gasoline Iron Self-Heating Gasoline Iron Pump Self-Heating Gasoline Iron Instructions Self-Heating Gasoline Iron Control


Even Heat Self-Heating Clothes Iron provides even heat using White Gas or Coleman fuel. 

  • Preheating for lighting
  • Cool wooden handle
  • Heat can be regulated with a cleaning lever
  • Polished aluminum base for smooth strokes
  • Can use anywhere- No wires or connections required
  • Ventilated body and tapered edge
  • Even heat- no cold spots
  • Optional stainless steel hot iron stand

White Gas or Coleman fuel is the same used in Coleman lanterns and stoves. Fill and light only outdoors until you are comfortable in lighting and using this iron.

Select optional Pre-heating bottles with a brass tube below.

Select 8oz. optional additional Gas Fill bottle. 

Select the optional hot iron stand.

Complete operating instructions come with the iron, we have supplied a picture of the instructions for reference.

Warning:  This appliance uses compressed gas to produce an open flame for heating the iron. Extreme caution should be used at all times to prevent a fire hazard and or burns. Some flame out of the sides may occur during lighting, use long matches or long lighter to light, stay clear of the sides to prevent burns.  Keep away from flammable substances. Fill only outdoors.  Recommend using outdoors until comfortable with the startup and lighting procedures. Use only indoors with adequate ventilation. 

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