Pony Sized Reel Gang Mower

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21” cut pony cart-mounted reel mower provides a productive exercise for your pony or miniatures while producing a well-manicured lawn. It provides excellent pony training of starting, stopping, and turning in narrow lanes.

The cart measures overall 118” long x 40” wide. Uses 4.18 x 3.50 x 4 quality air tires. Features easy turning foot pedal steering. The platform is 15” off the ground, standard size cast implement seat, available with small pony 65” shaft or mini 52” shaft.

Heavy-duty USA Amish-made wheeled frame. Shipping is not included in the price.

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Mini Pony Gang Reel Mower
Mini Pony Gang Reel Mower Mascot 6- Blade Reel Mowers Miniature Pony Horse Pulled Reel Mower Single Gang Pony Mower


Put that extra horsepower to some good use while doing the weekly chore of mowing the grass. Did you know that over half of the people who purchase horse-pulled reel mowers are not Amish? Many who own ponies or miniatures just want a way to spend more quality time enjoying them while multitasking on weekly mundane chores.

Mascott reel gang mowers use the same mower reels and wheels as their popular hand-push reel mowers that were patterned after the vintage Silent-Scotts reel mowers. The wheeled frame is made in the USA by the Amish. The reel mower is made in China under strict guidelines set by the Amish company and personally inspects, sharpens, and tunes each one before it ships to a customer.

The 65" shaft provides a 31" width at the single tree. Then 20"-24" length to the rings for adjusting the tugs with a 9-12" length left between the shaft loops to the end of the shaft poles.

The 52" shaft provides a 26" width at the single tree. Then 16" up the sides to the shaft loops with an 8" length from the shaft loops out to the ends of the shaft poles.

Mascot Reel Mowers Feature:

  • Riveted spiral design 6 blades tempered heat-treated blades and bed-knife stays sharper longer.
  • The lever lift raises the mower up for going over gravel and pavements.
  • Ultra-fine thread bed-knife adjustment (factory adjusted to a paper-thin cut)
  • Self-lubricating wheel bearings
  • Heavy-duty nylon rollers with a glass-lined inner surface for longer wear patterns
  • Metal wheels with 1-3/4” thick solid rubber tires (Like they used in the 1950s and 1960s on mowers)
  • Durable baked powder-coated paint
  • 3-year warranty. Excludes damage from dropping, abuse, and mowing in areas with damaging sand, rocks, glass, and debris.

The shipping cost is not included. Priced F.O.B Adams County Indiana. The shipping calculator will show zero F.O.B Shipping Deposit which, is not free shipping. We can arrange for pick up or obtain a palletized shipping quote. A commercial or business address without a lift gate will be the most economical. Truck freight may run $200-$400+ depending on your location and delivery address.

Expect 3-6 weeks for shipping.

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