Old Fashioned Wheelbarrow Wheel Hardware Kit

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By popular request, we offer both the replacement metal or wooden spoke wheels and hardware kits used on our authentic reproduction full-scale wheelbarrows. These wheelbarrows are so close to the originals that we have sold them to movie sets.

We offer a 15”, 19”, and 24” size wheel in wooden spoke or metal. The wood wheels come unfinished with the hub and axle assembly along with two “J” hooks that bolt through the main handle front ends to hold the axles in place. The wooden side hubs on the wooden spoke wheels are turned separately from the wheel, when assembled they look like one-piece hubs.

Priced a la carte, using the drop-down boxes. Select just the metal or wood wheel in rustic or premium or the complete kit and the prices will incrementally add for each item(s) selected. To deselect click on the "Please Select" again.

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Replica Replacement Wood Spoke Wheelbarrow Wheel
Replica Replacement Wood Spoke Wheelbarrow Wheel Wood Spoke Wheelbarrow Wheel and Hardware Kit Metal Wheelbarrow Wheel and Hardware Kit Sample Wheelbarrow 1 Wood Spoke Wheel Close up Sample Wheelbarrow 5 "J" Bolt Wheel Axle Attachment


Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

Both the wooden wheels and metal wheels are very difficult to source for those who are restoring an old wheelbarrow or building a replica not to mention finding the metal hardware.

The wheels and axle assemblies are made to fit between the front end of the wheelbarrow handles and attach with a supplied "J" Bolt that is drilled through the center of the handle wood. A secondary partial hole is drilled next to it for the J return part of the bolt to sink in and hold the axle tight. (See "J" Bolt Picture). The 1/2" axles have adjustment nuts that ride just inside the handle ends to center the wheel. Sleeves are used on each side of the wheel for the adjustments nuts to push against the wheel. On the metal wheel, it has 3/4" metal sleeves. On the wood spoke wheel it will be wood sleeves in proportion to the size of the wheel

You will need the following space between the handle ends for the axle and the wheel. The axle then extends out to the width of the handle ends for the "J" Bolt to hold it in place.

15" wheel 12-1/4"

19" wheel 14-3/4"

24" wheel 17-3/4"

Sorry, we do not offer plans to build the authentic wheelbarrow. We do offer a metal wheel and plan kit to build ornamental wheelbarrows. Click Here for more information.

Wooden wheels are offered in a rough-cut grade suitable for outdoor displays or to use as an actual working wheelbarrow.

The premium grade is more suitable for furniture grade indoor and store displays or to paint for a museum-quality display. Metal wheels are painted black.

The horseshoe-shaped bars pictured in the kit hold the sideboards on the side of the wheelbarrow. Two smaller holes are drilled and then the bars are tapped into the sides leaving enough space for the sideboard picket to slide in and out. The rest of the bent-end rods pictured in the kit are for the leg and front braces.

Wheelbarrow wheels and hardware kits are made in the USA by the Pennsylvania Lancaster County Amish.

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