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Nutrimill Grain Grinder Electric or Air

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Model 760200- Priced as 1200 watt electric. Select air power using the drop-down boxes at the bottom of the page to see the incremental price difference.
For general grinding uses. Easily grind grains, beans, and rice into fresh flours.
Dimensions 13” h x 12.75” wide providing a 20-cup capacity.
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Nutrimill Grain Grinder Electric or Air
Amish Wind Compressor Wind Mill Air Compressor Nutrimill Grain Grinder Electric or Air


Precision grain control with a Self-cleaning milling chamber

Easy-grip bowl, hopper, lid, and control knob

Air-powered appliances are an alternative for those living off the grid. Compressed air is stored in large air tanks, some the size of an LP tank. Air Compressors are powered by gasoline, diesel, motors, or utilize wind and water wheel power. Without leaks at the fittings, the air tank will hold hours of use and takes only a few minutes to re-pressurize.

Appliances have been converted by an Amish shop that specializes in sizing airpower motors to use in place of standard electric motors. Air motor conversions are very expensive but with fewer parts to go bad they will likely outlast electric motors.
Air motors generally will require from 90-100 PSI and between 15-30 CFMs. Some air motors running wide open can use up to 45 CFMs. Most 110V air compressors will not handle this type of volume on a continuous basis. Tabletop kitchen appliances generally run for only a few minutes at a time and are not like running an air motor sander continuously in a body shop.

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