New Farmers Market, The

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Vance Corum, Marcie Rosenzweig, Eric Gibson

Farmers’ markets help both startups and established farmers be successful farmers; transform cities by turning empty parking lots into vibrant social and economic centers, and change the way people eat and live. The ‘rural-urban’ connection is the heart and soul of a farmers’ market!

New Farmers Market, The
New Farmers Market, The


Here’s who needs this book and what it offers:

Farmers/Sellers: best products to grow and sell; best display ideas; setting prices and doing business; best-merchandising tips; best-selling ideas, and more.

Managers: managing and promoting the market; setting up an internet website; key market issues and challenges.

Market Planners: planning and starting a market; legal advice and dealing with rules and regs; getting community support for your market.

Farmers’ Market Community: building community support for buying local agricultural products; internet discussion groups; farmers’ market resources, and more!

Soft Cover 272 p.

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