Maytag Wringer Washer Tub Repair Ring

Clever Amish solution to repair a leaking Maytag E, J, and N Wringer Washer Tub from pinholes under the agitator.

Over the years a buildup of detergent and dirt residue builds up under a wringer washer agitator finally corroding through the metal tub bottom with small pinhole leaks. Our Amish stainless tub repair ring was developed to mount under that part of the tub area secured to the tub with the tub bolts and automobile gasket maker silicones.

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Description / Maytag Wringer Washer Tub Repair Ring

Two sizes are now available for either between the center plate and tub or inside the tub. Fits both E, J, and N Series Maytag wringer washing machines and the older round tub models going back to the 1940s.

To keep the ring aligned, first mount to the tub while it is off the machine turned upside down with auto gasket maker silicone and some regular bolts and nuts. Allow to dry and then mount to the machine.

Cottage Craft Works travels deep into the Amish back roads to find practical parts and solutions for vintage farm and home equipment and appliances.

We carry all the parts to repair or restore vintage Maytag Wringer Washing Machines. Click Here to see all the available parts.

Click Here to view our complete Maytag Wringer Washer service and repair manual.

The Amish depended on these old wringer washers as most of the United States population did in the early 1900s until newer modern spin cycle machines were developed.  As manufacturing and replacement parts moved forward the Amish began to have difficulty in obtaining parts to maintain the wringer washers. So, they began manufacturing their own supply of replacement Maytag parts as they still do today. Cottage Craft takes a step back in time to help people who are still using or restoring the vintage home and farm equipment to acquire replacement parts.

Our Amish shop can procure or make just about any part that was used on the round or square tub machines. Since the Amish convert most of the machines to gas, air, or DC-driven motors they don’t manufacture new electric motors. They also don’t use the drain pump allowing the washer to gravity drain instead. If you should need an electric motor or water pump, we can find you a used take-off. Just email us for the availability of any parts that we don’t list.

International customers, please email us with the parts that you need, and we will calculate the shipping cost and send you a PayPal invoice in US Dollars. Duties and taxes will still be due to your country upon delivery.

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Vintage Maytag Wringer Washer Leaking Tub Repair Ring
Vintage Maytag Wringer Washer Leaking Tub Repair Ring