Maytag Wringer Washer Off-Grid Motors

Replacement off-grid motor options for vintage Maytag Wringer Washing E, J, and N Machines including airpower, 12-VDC power, or kits to convert to gas engine power. Old-fashioned wringer washing machines are still churning away at mounds of Amish family laundry today.

Cottage Craft offers these conversion kits as well as a replacement electric motor for those who are living off the grid or using portable generators. Read more below the drop-down boxes >
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Description / Maytag Wringer Washer Off-Grid Motors

As the country moved forward with spin cycle washing machines the Amish stayed with the old workhorses and still use them today.

Maytag Wringer Washers are still the most popular machines that the Amish still use and maintain as well as a full line of Amish-made replacement parts to keep them running. Living off-grid meant that many of the machines had to be converted to other power sources so, the Amish developed conversion kits to run off alternative airpower, gas engines, and of most recent times 12-24VDC motors.

Sproul Reversible Air Motor Kit W16RWK

Includes pulley, belt, powder-coated bracket, and hardware. Uses a 1/3 HP Sproul air motor, 18,000 Max RPM 14CFM @ 60 PSI. 1/8” inlet, 3/8” shaft.  Air motors require constant lubrication so, an inline oiler is recommended.

Piston Air Motor Kit 22A-WM

A heavy-duty air piston motor that tolerates low lubrication and high moisture levels. Runs in either direction. 2000 Max RPM. 80-100 PSI, 5/8” shaft. Includes motor, belt, pulley, and air valve.

12-Volt DC Motor Kit

Converts Maytag wringer washer to DC motor operations. Includes 10’ wire for battery connections, belt, and switch. Available for 12- Volt DC systems pull 10-12 Amps per hour of running.

Gasoline Motor Hardware Kit

Universal bracket kit bolts across the legs on Maytag Wringer Washers E2L, and JJC & N2L model washing machines. It allows a horizontal shaft gasoline engine to be used in place of an electric motor for off-grid use. The Amish use this with a 2.5 or similar HP gas motor. Belt tension is maintained by the weight of the engine. (Belt and the gasoline engine pictured are not included. Contact us for pricing if you are unable to purchase gasoline motors locally). The Amish use a 1-3/4" diameter pulley and a 36" belt. 

Safety Note: Just like with a home generator a gasoline motor should be run outside away from doors, windows, and vents that may carry carbon monoxide into a house or building structure.

Gasoline Motor Mount Flex Shaft System

This is an interesting system used in Amish homes allowing the washing machine to be used indoors. The gasoline motor is mounted outside the house or basement wall away from windows and doors and a flex shaft is used to run through the wall into the washing machine.  The shafts can be purchased in up to 20’ links so it has some limitations on distance.

Ideally, the motor needs to be mounted directly outside the wall. The flex shaft allows it to go up and out of a basement wall at ground level. The cost can vary from $600 to $1000 based on distance motor mounts etc. You would still need to supply a 2.5 horizontal shaft engine that can be taken on and off or a metal box cover is available. We would recommend adding a dead man kill switch inside at the washing machine to ground the engine out in case of an emergency shut-off is needed.  

Email us for a quote with the length of the shaft that you would need if interested in this system to run your washing machine in the house off a gasoline motor.

Click Here for the traditional electric motor. Both used take-off and new replacement motors are available. 

Click Here to view our complete Maytag Wringer Washer service and repair manual.

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