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Immergood Ice Cream Freezer Travel, Storage Bag

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Protect your Immergood Freezer from scratches and scrapes during transport as well as keep dust and pests from invading the motor housing when stored on a garage shelf. Immergood Freezers are made to last many years and this travel bag is made to keep it looking like new.

Heavy-duty 600D Polyester Canvas travel and storage bags are specially designed to carry and protect Immergood Electric and Tool Battery 6 qt and 8 qt Ice Cream Freezers. A USA Amish-made product.

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Immergood Ice Cream Freezer Travel, Storage Bag
Immergood Ice Cream Freezer Travel, Storage Bag Immergood Ice Cream Freezer Travel, Storage Bag Immergood Ice Cream Freezer Travel, Storage Bag Immergood Ice Cream Freezer Travel, Storage Bag


Please allow 2-3 weeks for your bag to ship from an Amish shop.

A complete wrap-around strap system supports the freezer from the bottom up. Straps allow lifting from the top and are attached to the sides to allow the freezer to be carried with hands on the side. Because of the length of the bag carrying by the straps high enough to clear the ground will be awkward, thus the side hand grips will be more comfortable holding it up towards the chest.

The longer straps do work well in transporting the freezers in a car or truck seat as they are long enough to hook over the headrest to keep the freezer from tipping over and damaging the head. Seat belts can also be used to secure the freezer as well.

If you have the optional tub cover it will stow in the bottom of the bag and then the freezer with the motor attached sits on top of it. You will want to use a strip of cardboard or some other material to wrap the tub cover protecting the tub ears which stick out each side of the tub cover. They are narrow, and sharp, and will likely poke through the canvas over time if they are left unprotected. A short length of poly or rubber tubing slid over the ears will also protect them and the bag.

A heavy-duty quality zipper wraps around the top to easily open and close the top flap.

The bag can also be used to carry other ice cream freezers and cylindrical items or as a duffle bag. The Immergood 6-qt is made to hold an 11-5/8” tub x 26” Tall tub and electric motor. The Immergood 8-qt is made to hold a 13-1/4” tub x Tall 27” tub and electric motor. Additional dimensions are added to ease the placement of the freezers in and out of the bags.

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