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Immergood 12-qt Big Boy Ice Cream Freezer

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Small engine adaptable Immergood Big Boy 12-qt heavy-duty pulley shaft ice cream freezer, maker, machine.

The Immergood Big Boy is a USA-made heavy-duty 12-qt, 3-gallon triple-action ice cream freezer. All stainless metal parts are fitted to the traditional Immergood leak-free insulated poly tub. Available with an optional pulley for motorization.

The Immergood Big Boy 12-qt freezer was developed in response to the need for a larger ice cream maker equivalent to the old White Mountain 10 qt freezers that could be motorized and used for large gatherings or commercially.

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Immergood 12qt Pulley Shaft Ice Cream Machine
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The Immergood 12-qt freezer-maker may be ordered with an optional 12”, 14”, 16” V-Pulley, or a ¾" universal taper bushing hub to bolt on your own pulley. Recommended running between 65-70 RPMs. A hand crank is also available if you have ambitious kids. Hand cranking 3-gallons of ice cream during the end will take an endless amount of strength and determination.

The all-new Immergood 12-qt freezer components:

Stainless steel gears and bearings in a heavy-duty gear frame are made for sideward stress on the shaft and gear frame.

¾” key shaft to add pulley, or Lovejoy couplings of your own, or the optional pullies.

Quick-release tub latch.

The hinged gear frame allows the pulley shaft to remain hooked up.

Wide polished stainless can measures 8” x 15-1/4” for easy dipping.

Stainless Steel Can Lid

Stainless steel dasher provides triple action.

Leak-Free Poly Tub equipped with stainless steel hardware measures 18” x 18” x 22”

Overall dimensions are 18” x 18” x 22”

Weight 38 lbs.

Long ago the White Mountain 10-qt was the dominant ice cream freezer for the hobbyist that enjoyed figuring out how they could add a gas engine, Maytag Hit-n-Miss washing machine motor, or an electric motor to power them. Even today people are still searching for parts to rebuild the old White Mountain classic 10-qt freezer.

Amish products are refreshingly engineered for longevity over profits thus, they are over the top of the types and quality of the materials used and then they figure out what it cost to make to establish pricing. In contrast, the general approach to manufacturing is to design products using the cheapest materials to obtain a product that will compete in the discount chain store world. The Immergood freezer is much like the original White Mountain freezers, it will likely be passed down to future generations.

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Hit-n-Miss pictures are provided by customer Jan Froom

12 qt Immergood ice cream maker with hit and miss engine Video:

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