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No Boil 16 Gallon Water Jacket Finish Canner is just the right size to keep up with our wood-fired evaporators. Designed to fit on a three-burner gas cook stove. The flat bottom allows it to be used on other heat sources. 

Water Jacket eliminates the common problems of having sugar sand ending up in your finished bottled syrup. Even the professionals struggle with the final filter and bottling process using a traditional canner. Hot spots from gas burners are difficult to control leaving uneven temperatures up to the boiling point before the syrup is in the 180-190 F safe bottling ranges.
Please check with us before ordering. Stainless steel pricing is fluctuating weekly, the price shown may not be current.
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Hobby Farm | Water Jacket Maple Syrup Finish Canner | Bottler
Hobby Syrup Finisher Bottler Valve Hobby Farm No Boil Maple Syrup Finisher Stainless Steel Gas Burner Syrup Finisher Hobby Farm | Water Jacket Maple Syrup Finish Canner | Bottler


The canner is USA Amish made from 20-gauge food grade 304 Stainless Steel. Canner is priced in the mirror finish. 

Each canner comes with a 1/4" and 1/2" threaded outlet to install a thermometer and a bottle filler drain valve, which are included.  
Measures 32" long x 16" wide x 13" tall. The canner features a "V" bottom for easier draining of syrup and a removable stainless screen filter tray. The water jacket holds approximately 2 gallons with its own drain valve.
The filter tray holds both a pre-filter and the main filter. We offer washable filters in 3 x 3 cut-to-fit sizes. Select optional filters using the drop-down boxes at the top of the page. The pre-filter is changed more often so it is packaged x 2.
We also have standard cookers in two and three burners without the water jacket or "V" bottom. These are multipurpose cookers that can be used above the boiling point for small batches of maple syrup as well as for canning and hot water cooking. Click Here to see all our cookers.
Maple syrup cookers made in this popular Amish shop are difficult to keep in stock. Please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping.
Ships UPS Dimensional weight. The actual canner weight is 45 lbs.

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