Giant Child-Adult Pedal Tricycle

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Giant-sized classic kids style pedal tricycle popular for pumpkin patch farms, amusement parks, and special needs adult-sized children. These large tricycles are becoming more and more popular for fall harvest attractions, therapeutic rehab centers, and companies using them as rentals for obstacle courses, races, and party events. 

The seat sits approximately 21” off the ground fully adjustable with a 24” adjustment range front to back for medium-sized children approx. age 12 up to 6’ tall adults.

Trailer hitch for a wagon or one of our tricycle trailers.

Available in Blue, Red, Orange, Pink

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Giant Child- Adult Trike in Blue
Giant Child- Adult Trike in Blue Child-Adult-Size-Tricycle Adult-Sized-Tricycle Adult-Child-Tricycle Heavy-Duty-Child-Adult-Tricycle Large-Child-Adult-Tricycle Giant Double Child-Adult Trike in Green


Tap into the phenomenon of people just wanting to enjoy acting like a kid again. In this high-stress world, people love to reminisce about simpler times when they were growing up. These giant trikes allow them to relieve stress and relive being a kid again.

Large rolling tires provide easy pedaling on turf and uneven grounds. Overall measures 42” long with 10” rear tires and a 16” front tire equipped with a heavy-duty direct drive pedal. Companies will purchase several of these at a time to provide models for different age groups, contact us for discounts for over 10, and pallet truck freight shipping.

We also have a giant two-seat child-adult trike available. They will need to ship via truck freight. Please contact us if interested in one of these.

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