Folding Transit Bicycle Saddle Bags

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Heavy canvas folding bicycle transit saddlebags. Folds flat against the bike and opens to 12” x 8” x 8”. Large enough for a full sack of groceries on each side.

Inspired by the large metal bicycle baskets that the Amish used on their bicycles to travel to work and to town for shopping, these transit bicycle saddlebags fold flat up against the bike when not in use, making the bike ride much more enjoyable for non-shopping trips.

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Bicycle Cargo Saddle Bags
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Bicycles equipped with traditional wire baskets large enough to hold two sacks of groceries were just problematic when it came time to park the bike in a garage or bike rack. Permanently mounted wire baskets could not be easily removed for non-shopping trips, so the rider was stuck with them protruding from each side of the bicycle.

Then came the idea of making bike cargo bags from heavy canvas that could be folded to less than an inch when not in use making them a nearly nonexistent issue for a normal bike ride.

Saddlebags are black with a wide reflective band for high visibility when they are opened.

These bags are widely used in the Amish communities by children carrying schoolbooks and lunches, factory workers carrying tools, work boots/clothes, lunches, and making routine shopping trips to town so hitching a horse and buggy wouldn’t be needed.

The bags come with stretch straps to attaches to a regular bike cargo rack with rails on each side (not included).  You will need to pick one up at a discount or sporting goods store that carries them. They are rather easy to install bolts to each side of the bike wheel and frame.

Note: Bags are open top to haul tall sacks and do not have a top cover.

We also carry a similar larger saddlebag set that measures 12” x 11” x 9”. Click Here to view.

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