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Farm Wagon Auto Steering-Spindle Parts

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Build or restore farm wagons and agriculture implements with our Amish made-in-the-USA wagon hardware, spindles, and automobile-style steering assemblies.

Finish your wagon using these machined parts to fabricate or restore farm wagons and AG implements. Most farm and AG shops are equipped with the tools to weld straight iron, but not the machined parts for the axles, wheels, and steering components.

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Right Hand Front Spindle 68-110
Rear Spindle 68-117 Rear Wagon Spindle Size Specs Right Hand Front Spindle 68-110 Left Hand Front Spindle 68-110 Front Wagon Spindle Size Specs Front Wagon Spindle L Size Specs Vertical Spindle Tube 13458 6-Bolt Wheel Pattern 6-Bolt Hub W670 Fabricated front bolster 2-1/2” x 5” x 3/16” wall tube 68-134 Tongue Hitch 68-105 C-Iron Tongue End Wooden Tongue Hitch Adapter Hitch and Tongue bolt 68-106 Complete tie rod 68-102 Tie Rod End Block


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Wagon gear hardware is made for working Amish farms still using horse-drawn implements modernized for standard roller bearing wheel hubs.

The references to a right or left orientation are based on standing at the rear of the wagon and looking forward.

1-3/4” rear spindles and “L” shape front spindles for use on our tie rod automobile style steering assemblies fit standard 6-bolt AG roller bearing hubs.

Parts Available:

Rear Spindle 1-3/4” 68-117, fits standard 1437A and 342A roller bearings.

Front Right and Left 68-110 “L” 1-3/4” spindles, fits standard 1437A and 342A roller bearings. Includes hub nut and washer. The top has a threaded bolt hole to use a large washer to hold in the spindle tubes. The spindles "L" has 5/8" holes for tie rod attachment. Note: Determined by standing behind the wagon looking forward.

Vertical Spindle Tube 13458, 1-3/4” ID x 5-1/8” L, used to hold front spindles. Welds on to front bolster. Drilled for grease zerks. (not needed if the fabricated bolster is purchased below)

6-Bolt Hub W670 Comes with bolts, a dust cap, and races. (No Bearings with just the hub)

For full measurement specs on the spindles and hub click on the drawings next to each picture. 

The hub uses standard locally stocked Timken 14137A, 342A roller bearings, and a 204035 seal, or you may order by set using the drop-down boxes.

The fabricated front bolsters are 2-1/2” x 5” x 3/16” wall tube #68-134, complete with spindle tubes 13458 and center hitch 68-105 bracket. Made to use on 12000 lb. capacity farm wagons with a 60” track including wheels. The reach and support brackets weld to the backside of this bolster.

Tongue hitch, 68-105 attaches to front bolster to control automobile style steering tie rods. Welded tubes with grease zerks then allow the hitch to turn and a wagon tongue to fold up and down. Designed for a 4” wide wagon tongue.

C-Iron Tongue end 2020 fits on the 68-105 hitch with a flat weld area to make your own tractor pull tongue. Fits a 4" wide hitch.

H-Iron Tongue end 68-131 also fits on the 68-105 hitch and allows a wooden tongue beam to be bolted on. Fits a 4" wide hitch.

Hitch and Tongue bolt 68-106, uses two of them for the bolster and tongue side.

Complete 7/8" tie rod 68-102 attaches to the 68-105 hitch in the center and the front “L” spindles on the ends. The rod ends Measure 26-1/2" center hole to the end of the adjustable blocks. Drilled for a 5/8" x 3" kingpin and block attachments to spindles.

Tie Rod end blocks 68-103 and center block 68-101-CB (center block not pictured) allows you to make your own tie rods using either 7/8" or 3/4" rod stock threaded on each end with 16 thread. Drilled for a 5/8" bolt with a grease zerk. The Center block will need to be welded on the tie rod stock and allows the tie rod to bolt to the 68-105 hitch.

Cottage Craft Works.com travels deep into the back roads to find Amish companies who are still making vintage reproduction farm equipment and parts to restore horse-drawn farm machinery. 

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