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Bring on the Oats! This roller mill has a huge appetite capable of crimping up to 50 lbs. of oats in about a minute!  

Heavy-duty crimper will also crack corn for other animal feed applications and crimp barley for small brewer applications.
The ideal size for both hobby and professionals who need to process large volumes of crimped oats and rolled grains.
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Description / Equine Oat Crimper | Roller Mill | Spelt | Barley Roller | Corn

Pamper your horses and other animals while saving money. 

This stationary model is perfect for larger operations that want to process the freshest rolled oats and cracked grains as possible on site.

Compact 20-1/4” Long x 15” Deep x 40” Tall saves valuable stable space compared to larger units.

On average one horse will consume 5 lbs. of oats, thus, you can quickly realize the value of an on-premises crimper of this caliber. Those who are currently purchasing rolled oats in the bag are probably paying an additional $2-$3 for a 50 lb. bag. Over a year’s time, that can really add up.
Rolled oats go further as well. If you have not started feeding rolled oats you will likely find additional savings. Those feeding rolled oats have noticed up to 30% less in their feed consumption.
Hardened 6” x 6” grooved steel rollers are adjustable from outside the unit. 
Our roller mills provide heavy-duty rollers, bearings, gearing, and powder-coated frame construction for a price that is hardly found elsewhere.
The large stationary model CCW3 utilizes a 1-HP motor; a 4hp Honda gas motor is also available for off-grid and remote applications. Note: Electric motor is not explosion-proof rated and should not be used in confined high dust milling operations.
Crimped or machine-rolled oats have been reported to provide better equine nutrition while making the Equine digestion process easier over standard oats. 
The rolling process breaks open the hard-protective outer shell allowing the nutritious soft inside to be better absorbed before passing through the digestive system. 
Freshly rolled oats allow the nutritional value to be consumed when it is right at the peak. Oats rolled in a processing plant and then bagged for shipment will lose some of the nutritional aspects.
For those who have been purchasing crimped or rolled oats to feed to horses, you will be happy to learn of the new oat crimpers from Cottage Craft Works that can be used right in the stable.  
See our smaller stationary model CCW2 for small stables and horse trailer applications. Click Here for more information.
Roller Mills are USA Amish made and are being used by Amish and non-Amish farms and ranches.
Not recommended or manufactured for direct human food consumption.
One-year warranty subject to using clean grains and roller inspection. Replacement rollers are available for around $250 per set. Barley and Corn will create faster roller wear over time than Spelt or Oats.
Our large roller mill will need to be shipped truck freight. Please e-mail us for a shipping quote. The crate size for a number 3 with an electric motor is 32" x 32" x 40" high, weight is 285 lbs. 
Please allow up to two weeks for shipping based on the number of orders being processed.
The shipping cost is not included. Priced F.O.B Holmes County Ohio. The shipping calculator will show zero F.O.B Shipping Deposit which, is not free shipping. We can arrange for pick up or obtain a palletized shipping quote. A commercial or business address without a lift gate will be the most economical. Truck freight may run $200-$400+ depending on your location and delivery address.
What Our Customers Say.
Please feel free to post my review because you have certainly done a great job earning my respect for customer service.
The equine oat crimper is a good product for my operation, my boys raise hogs for 4H and they need a mill to grind their hog ration with.  This roller mill/crimper came ready to grind, in a short amount of time we had a 55gl barrel full of mixed hog feed.  I spent quite a bit of time looking for feed mills that would grind the volume of grain that we need and this crimper was the best fit for our operation.  I am happy with what we got but mostly I am happy with the quality of customer service that came with purchasing this machine.  Paul called me the day I placed the order and made sure that the truck shipping arrangements worked for me and he has promptly responded to several follow-up e-mails asking about support items and possible attachments like a grain auger.  I like the confidence that I purchased a quality product with solid customer service and support.

Eric Davis

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Equine Oat Crimper | Roller Mill | Spelt | Barley Roller | Corn
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