Drill Powered Sweet Corn Cleaner

New Poly-Wood Base!

Sweet corn is a favorite around our house but the hassle and time of de-silking the corn made it a chore to process even for a small batch.

Up until now, handheld de-silking brushes have been the best method for a home grower to remove the corn silk. We would still end up pulling off the fibers as we bit into a fresh ear of corn.

Now with the power of an electric drill or a stationary drill press, you can de-silk a batch of corn in no time.

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Description / Drill Powered Sweet Corn Cleaner

Please order in plenty of time to have us ship to you before your corn is ready. These corn cleaners are very popular and ship directly from an Amish shop without computers or faxes. Please expect 1-2 weeks to ship.

This special spinning brush was designed by an Amish gentleman to clean corn silk off large batches of sweet corn. Ideal for the home and hobby farm gardener.

The specially designed soft brush bristles remove the silk without damaging the tender corn.
Perfect for a few ears to bushel baskets of corn. A great labor-saving addition for the small to medium size produce grower, restaurants, and even grocery stores.  Anyone who cleans sweet corn will love this easy and quick-to-use gadget.  
Unlike other food processing equipment, this sweet corn cleaner is not a hassle to set up and use even just for a few ears at a time.
Just let the silk dry and blow off to clean.
The stationary H-20 Poly-Wood model clamps to a table or can be bolted to a board. The shaft fits into a 3/8” electric or battery-operated power drill, (C-clamp and drill are not included)  
The P-10 model attaches to a drill press.
Take off the husks, bring the drill speed to medium, and gently sweep the corn back and forth on top of the brush to remove the fine silk strands.
Select using the drop-down boxes:
P-10 Drill press model as priced for $37.95
H-20 Stationary Base model adds $9 to the price for a total of $46.95
Optional Sweet Corn Cleaner Replacement Brush

A special custom-made spiral replacement brush fits our famous drill-powered sweet corn silk cleaners. These are so well made that we don’t sell that many replacements but over the years and bushels of sweet corn silk cleaning they may need to be replaced or you may just like to have a spare, just in case you are in the thick of sweet corn season.

A Simple replacement by loosening the two set screw collars on each end of the shaft and sliding the shaft out and replacing the old brush with a new one. Select by using the drop-down box.

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