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For our customers who want to convert their own Kitchen Aid mixer to a hand crank for off-grid use, your wait is now over!

Since we introduced the Kitchen Aid hand crank conversion mixer, so many customers have asked us if we could have an existing Kitchen Aid converted to hand crank for them? 
Our Amish machine shop can convert both the Classic and Artisan Kitchen Aid mixer to a hand crank mixer for off-grid use. 
This is not a kit to convert a mixer, as the mixer inside must be carefully machined and the new gear set installed.
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Kitchen Aid Mixer to Hand Crank Conversion
Converted Kitchen Aid Mixer to Hand Crank How to convert a Kitchen Aid Mixer to Hand Crank Speed Adjustment Using A Kitchen Aid Mixer to Hand Crank Mixer Kitchen Aid Mixer to Hand Crank Conversion


Mixers must be in good condition, meaning they have not been dropped, damaged, or subjected to a fire or flood. (The electric motor does not have to be functional). 
The conversion process is only internal, no other refurbishing or rebuilding of the outside will be provided.
We cannot be responsible to replace a mixer that has been lost in shipping. We will convert another mixer but will not replace the one lost should that occur.
The electric motor will be replaced with a heavy-duty gear set, with an adjustable speed chrome-plated hand crank. These gear sets as handmade in an Amish machine shop one at a time making these conversions rather expensive but well worth it as there will not be an electric motor to ever wear out.
It functions just like the electric mixer. The creative adjustable crank handle allows you to adjust the speed, so you do not have to speed up cranking for whipping. Simply loosen the black set screw on the end of the crank and adjust the handle speed for whipping creams, and sauces, or slow the speed down for bread dough and cookie mixes.
Please note: In the conversion and gearing configuration for the hand crank the top docking port for the added Kitchen Aid attachments to use at the top will no longer be a working function on the mixer.
Once converted the mixer will not be able to be restored to electricity.
The converted model will hold a one-year free repair warranty. (Shipping is not included). After one year, our Amish shop will repair at cost for parts, labor, and shipping.
Warranty is subject to inspection for abnormal use or abuse of the machine or dropping it.  
Make your purchased for the conversion here and we will e-mail the address to ship your mixer to.
The mixer will need to be shipped in a sturdy box lined with at least 2" of Styrofoam packing on all sides, extra charges may apply for having to repack in a new box to ship back. We cannot assume responsibility for damage or lost packages in the return UPS shipping.
Customers should anticipate a 6-10 week turn for this small Amish shop to complete the conversion and ship back your mixer.
We also sell a completely refurbished converted Kitchen Aid Mixer as well as our very popular Little Dutch Maid Mixer.

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