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Now an easy and quick way to handle and butcher chickens and other similar-sized poultry. 

Some call this a killing cone. It is a sheet metal cone built to hang on a 1-1/2” board. The cone allows chicken or duck to be placed headfirst. Then pull down and stretch the neck out to sever the jugular vein and allow a clean bleed out before removing the head. The wings and legs are pulled down into the cone to prevent being flogged or clawed. Hang on a fence or board fastened at a comfortable working height. 

Chicken-Poultry-Butcher-Killing-Cone Top View Chicken-Poultry-Butcher-Killing-Cone Hangs On 1" board Fench Chicken-Butcher-Killing-Cone Chicken-Poultry-Butcher-Killing-Cone


The metal cone is made of galvanized metal, measures a large cone size 12-5/8 X 9-1/2 top opening with a 3-3/4 head opening.

Purchase several to line up and bleed out several birds at a time.

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