Birth & Babies | From Keeper at Home Magazine Editors

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Birth & Babies a Keeper’s Book™ publication from the Keeper at Home Magazine Editors.
This book is designed to walk expectant Christian mothers through the joys and journeys of pregnancy, labor, delivery, nursing, and potty training.
Birth & Babies is full of articles on natural back to basic lifestyle from natural delivery to even cloth diapers. 
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Birth & Babies | From Keeper at Home Magazine Editors
Birth & Babies Sample | From Keeper at Home Magazine Editors Sample Birth & Babies | From Keeper at Home Magazine Editors Birth & Babies | KAH Sample Page Birth & Babies | From Keeper at Home Sample Birth & Babies | Keeper at Home Magazine Editors Birth & Babies | From Keeper at Home Magazine Editors


Birth & Babies will also help those with the struggles and challenges of motherhood, including when things become blue, overwhelming, and even coping with the loss of a baby.

KeeprsBook™ series focuses on specific topics relevant to Keepers at Home readers. Their goal is to bring together talented writers who have a passion for the subject and readers whose lives will be blessed by the information presented in each KeepersBook™

Keepersbooks™ is from the Editors of the popular Keepers at Home Magazine. This magazine is also from the Amish-Mennonite Christian Communities. The Keepers publications have crossed over worldwide to all faiths.
You will only find refreshing informative information with no push or hints for any specific religious views or way of life in the Keepers publications.
The Keepers's publications center around Christian beliefs and values and followings. They are very refreshing, encouraging, and inspirational as they come from the Plain Communities where social and other political agendas don’t cloud people’s basic needs in helping each other.
Note: Readers will need to extract their own information and use it with informed decisions and sound medical advice from professionals on preparing and giving birth. While Birth & Babies provides wonderful advice and tips to expectant and new mothers, from a treasure of Amish-Mennonite mothers who have raised large families, some of the information will suggest such things as raw milk as well as the use of herbs.  
Books ship directly from Amish-Mennonite bookstores using old fashion mail-order systems shipped through the US Post Office. Electronic tracking numbers will not be available. Just let us know if you don’t receive a book order within 7-10 business days.

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