Amish Style Clothesline-Wash line Pulley Kit

Our Amish style Wash Line-Clothesline Pulley Kit is ideal for large families allowing the clothesline to extend out up to 150’ from one stationary location. The main operator pulley can be located just outside the laundry room door allowing clothes all to be hung and removed from one location without ever stepping off the porch.

These systems are popular in the Amish communities who depend on drying the family laundry outside year-round.

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Description / Amish Style Clothesline-Wash line Pulley Kit

There is no need to shovel snow or wait for dry grounds to hang up the weekly wash.

If you have traveled the back roads in the Amish communities during wash day you can’t help but notice the creative pulley clotheslines normally attached to the back porch where the wash is done extending up to the peak of the barn or a distant pole. These lines may extend over 100 hundred feet to dry all the wash at the same time.

The basic wash line-Clothesline Pulley Kit Includes:

One- 11” Operator Pulley Assembly with lock allows you to stop and remove or add laundry at any point. 
One- 11” Outbound Pulley Assembly


Easy lock 11” pulley
Stainless Ball-bearing hubs
Aluminum and rust-resistant hardware.

The locking operator pulley is important if the outbound pulley is elevated to prevent the weight of the clothes from rolling back the line back towards the house creating the potential for pinched fingers.

The basic kit does not include cable, cable clamps, ratchet, or line spacers. Order these additional options as needed using the drop-down boxes. (It is recommended to have at least one line spacer).

The kit also does not include eyebolts or other mounting hardware needed to fasten each end of the pulleys. These items will need to be purchased locally depending on the installation. Eyebolts will need to be screwed into a solid structure such as wall studs or beams. Keep in mind both the house and the outbound pulley will need to withstand the forces of the wind and the weight of the wet laundry. Optional collar hooks may be ordered using the drop-down box to mount the pulleys on 3", 4", and 4-1/2" steel pipe concreted into the ground

Up to 150,’ maximum spacing recommended. Double the cable space and then add 3' for rounding the pulleys. For the spacing of 100,’ you will need 203’ of cable.  Use 3/16" O.D. clear nylon cable purchase locally or order using the drop-down box.

Recommended use of line spacers every 30’-40’. Wash line spacers keep the lines from twisting as well as supporting from the top cable. Spacers are 9" made of aluminum with a poly roller. One line spacer should be incorporated where the cable clamps so that it becomes fixed and travels with the cable ratchet so that it does not interfere with the pulleys.

Purchase the optional elevator pole to raise and lower the operator pulley allowing the lines to be raised 32" up and out of the way when drying and then lowered when hanging or removing clothes. This option is not needed if the operator's pulley is located next to an already elevated deck or porch. If the operator pulley will be at ground level then the elevator system might be a good idea to keep the laundry up and out of the way from curious kids and pets or other pests that may try and pull off laundry items.

Another elevator pole kit system is available to reach up to 12' for a two-story home where the laundry is washed at basement level and then the operator pulley can be raised up to a second-floor porch to remove clean clothes directly into the house. Click Here to learn more.


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Amish Style Clothesline-Wash line Pulley Kit
Amish Style Clothesline-Wash line Pulley Kit Amish Style Clothesline-Wash line Pulley Kit Clothesline-drying-pulley-system Clothesline-ratchet