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Air Powered Ice Cream Freezer Motor Head

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Fits White Mountain, and Immergood, 4-6qt freezers with an 11-5/8” to 11-3/4 diameter freezer tub measured between the tub latch and tub ear. Also available for Immergood 8-qt 13-1/4” diameter tub freezers.

USA-made powerful triple-action air-powered motor requires continuous 10 CFM at 50 PSI delivered by air compressors generally used in shops and on construction sites.

This purchase option is just for the motor top, the picture of the complete Immergood freezer is for a visual understanding of how it fits the ice cream freezer which is not included. We do have the complete air-powered freezer available for purchase as well.

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USA manufacture by Immergood. Engineered to operate in a triple action mode. Ice cream freezer motors up to this point have only allowed the freezer can to spin around the dasher, known as a double action. Compared to a hand crank freezer where the dasher spins in one direction and the freezer can and inner dasher spin in the opposite direction known as a triple-action mode.

The motor is all USA Amish manufactured using stainless steel gears and housing. The Amish do not subscribe to planned obsolescence, so they build things to last over corporate profits. This makes them more expensive, but well worth the long-term investment if you are a serious homemade ice cream family.

The freezer tub diameter will need to be between 11-5/8” to 11-3/4” diameter for the head to latch down in your tub ear and tub latches. Made to fit a freezer can lid square tops that will measure 7/8” and a dasher top that measures 7/16”. Will also fit Immergood 8-qt ice cream freezers which have a 13-1/4” diameter tub with a slightly higher price. (Does not fit older White Mountain 8qt freezers) Select the model using the drop-down boxes.

Air-powered tools can generally be very noisy. The Immergood air motor runs slower than the high-speed whine of an air-powered sander used in body shops and reportedly runs at about the same or less noise level as a traditional electric motor.

We also carry a complete Immergood air motor equipped ice cream freezer in 6qt and 8qt sizes. CLICK HERE

Note: Air motors are made to last a long time making them popular for commercial use such as in automotive shops. They do require dry clean air and frequent oiling. Most air compressor installations utilize inline oilers and condensation eliminators in the outward airflow leading to power tool outlets. If you are using a portable compressor not adapted, then be sure to drain off condensation and use 10 drops of an air tool lubricate in the air motor inlet before each use. 

Air motors carry a 1-year warranty subject to inspection for water infiltration and lack of lubrication.

A restocking fee of 25% applies for returns to discourage novice users not familiar with air motors CFM and air compressor sizing requirements trying to use them on small hobby air compressors.

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