Yoder Popcorn in the 6lb Packs

"Popcorn the Way You Remember It"

Grown and processed right in the heart of Indiana Amish Country!

Since 1936 Yoder Popcorn has been growing and producing the highest quality popcorn. People drive for miles each year to the tiny town of Topeka Indiana just to stock up on the many different varieties of premium Yoder Popcorn, and now through Cottage Craft Works, you can bring this famous treat into your own home.

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Description / Yoder Popcorn in the 6lb Packs

Select your favorite Yoder Popcorn using the drop-down box. If you would like to purchase another variety, add one variety to your shopping cart and hit continue shopping to return to this page.

Yoder Premium Yellow- This is a large yellow popcorn that has a corn taste. Many commercial merchants use this type of corn, such as theaters, sporting events, and carnivals.  This popcorn tends to be chewy and contains a more pronounced hull.

Yoder Premium White- This is a medium-sized kernel that is milder in taste. Not as much hull as the Premium Yellow corn and a bit crispier in texture.

Yoder Red- This corn is a cousin to the white popcorn; in fact, you will usually find a few white kernels mixed in with the red.  It has a nutty flavor and is crispy and crunchy.  It is medium size, pops white but has a dark center.

Yoder Lady Finger- This is the tiniest kernel available. It is yellow so it will have more of a corn taste. Being so small- it has no hull at all!  Some folks say that it “melts in their mouth”. Great for folks who cannot tolerate hulls.

Pricing begins with the Yoder Premium Yellow popcorn and incrementally adds to that price as the different varieties are selected. 

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Yoder Popcorn in the 6lb Packs
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