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Wooden Pole T-14 Martin House Post Cap

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Provides protection over the top of your 4 x 6 wood post. This cap acts like a hat protecting the pulley mount assembly. Without it, the top of the post and pulley would otherwise be exposed to rain and UV causing the bolt holes to become fatigued and the wood top to dry rot.

This exposure could cause a breakout of the pulley assembly during lowering and raising your Martin House.

Wooden Pole T-14 Martin House Post Cap
Wooden Pole T-14 Martin House Post Cap


Add mounting block on top for perch rods. We used a short link of 1-1/4" PVC pipe with pipe caps on each end, (flat cap glued on the bottom to bolt through the post cap). Drill holes for perch rods, (white fiberglass electric fence post work perfectly).  Leave the top pipe cap unglued to tighten the screw.

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