Wood Spoke Light Duty Wagon Wheel

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These aluminum hub wagon wheels are ideal for display, garden carts, and other small reproduction ornamental wagon displays. They are available with a traditional steel wheel or a rubber tire wheel making them suitable for carts on finished floors and rolling on concrete with reduced noise.

These wheels are USA Amish made from hickory wood and are a step above the imported aluminum hub ornamental wheels from Mexico using softwoods.

Available in 18”, 20”, 24”, and 28” with optional axle stubs that allow you to build various widths of wagons.

Price begins with the 18" steel tire wheel. Use the drop-down boxes to select size and tire options to view the incremental price differences added to the base price. 

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Wood Spoke Light Duty Wagon Wheel
Wood Spoke Light Duty Wagon Wheel Wood Spoke Light Duty Wagon Wheel


Please expect 2-4 weeks.

Wheels are rated at up to 125 lbs. per wheel with hickory spokes diameter of 1”. The axle diameter is ½” with a 2-3/4” wide hub. The iron wheel rim is 1/8” thick x 1” wide. The rubber tire option adds approximately ¾” to the diameter of the wheel.

With aluminum being a softer metal running on a steel axle, the wheels are not suitable to be used for long distances on working wagons without boring out the hubs and adding metal bushings. They are a good choice for retail display and produce carts that may need to be rolled in and out short distances for sidewalk displays. They will be a rougher grade wood more suitable for ornamental and rustic applications than for a furniture premium grade stain and varnish project. You may need to add some filler in spots and do additional sanding if you plan on painting or finishing them.

The optional metal stub axles consist of a round ½” short metal axle welded to a flat plate that can be bolted on the bottom of a wooden axle frame allowing any width of cart or wagon design. Click Here for more information.

The wheels are unfinished.

USA Amish Made

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