Wood Fire Poker Rod

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Vintage style 30” long wood fire poker rod is a home essential to managing wood burning logs in fireplaces, wood stoves, and outdoor fire pits.

Wood logs do not always land where you want them when replenishing a hot fireplace or wood stove. This may cause a serious issue if the stove door can not be closed or the log is close to rolling out of a fireplace.

Old fashioned pokers were traditionally made in blacksmith shops to assist homesteaders in managing wood fires by pushing and pulling logs into place over hot coals.

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Wood Fire Poker Rod
Wood Fire Poker Rod


Wood logs often burn underneath and around creating open spaces where the fire will eventually die down. A poker allows the log to be pulled or pushed down into the embers to fully catch and burn.

The Poker is 30” long with a bent “L” shape on one end to push and pull logs and a bent eye shape on the other end to form the handle and used to hang on a peg or hook next to the fireplace or woodstove.

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