Wheeled Garden-Farm-Orchard-Yard Sprayer | 15 gal

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Easy-rolling self-contained walking sprayer with a large spray tank. Use in the place of a tractor pull sprayer to get into spaces that still need a large capacity sprayer.

Hand wheeled sprayers are handy for small yards and spaces that are too large for a hand sprayer but not large enough to handle a small garden tractor or ATV pulled sprayer.

Features a 15-gal tank sprayer mounted on an easy-rolling aluminum cart equipped with 20” wheels. Provides up to 8’ wide spray path using the fold-out booms. Switch to an adjustable nozzle hand wand with 12’ of hose for spot spraying up to 10’ high.

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Wheeled Garden-Yard-Farm Sprayer
Wheeled Garden-Yard-Farm Sprayer Wheeled 16-gal Garden Sprayer Self Contained 16 Gallon Push Sprayer Easy Push Garden/Yard Sprayer Hand push garden/yard sprayer


Welded tube aluminum cart measures 23” W x 33” long. Handle sits 26" off the ground sitting and around 36" when lifted for use. The handle in the pictures was custom-made for an extra tall person. Let us know if you need this option at a nominal upcharge.

Equipped with a 12V 2.2 GPM on-demand pump with an on/off switch located on the pump. The pictured flow regulator with the red knob and gauge is not included. This was an add-on that was purchased elsewhere and added by a customer.

Spring clip battery terminals are ready to attach to a 12-volt battery that will sit next to the tank in a battery tray. (Battery or battery box pictured are not included) Use a deep-cycle 12-volt marine battery. 

Others have purchased this type of sprayer for indoor and outdoor plant watering.

USA Amish Made in Indiana. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.

Please note: These carts are hand-welded in a small Amish shop using jigs. They are not assembled thus, the holes for the handles occasionally do not always align perfectly to insert the bolts and may need to be chased through with a drill bit for assembly. Aluminum is easy to drill and align if needed.

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