Water Well Hand Pump Installation Pipe Holder

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A simple ingenious budget-friendly tool to hold and install water well pipe sections. An indispensable tool on the homestead for installing 1-1/4” deep and shallow well piping. Laser-cut holder slides under 1-1/4” pipe couplings to hold water well pipe as it is being pulled or installed in 10’ sections. Some call this a Pipe slide.

Frees up hands to add or remove each section of water well pipe as well as sucker rod on hand pump installations. Holds the pipe and lift cylinder or submersible pump from getting away and dropping down in the water well casing. The offset handgrip on the side keeps hands and fingers clear of pinches from pipe sliding.  

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Water Well Pipe Slide
Water Well Pipe Slide Water Well Hand Pump Installation Pipe Holder-Slide


Sized to cover most of the water well casing opening preventing tools, cell phones, keys, personal items, and debris from dropping down in the casing during installations. Compare to commercial pipe holders costing hundreds of dollars that a homestead may only use once in a decade. Stores away flat or hang on pump house or shop wall.

This pump installation pipe holder was designed by and used by Amish water pump installers to install hundreds of deep and shallow hand water well pumps in the local Amish communities in Indiana.

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