Ultimate Lanyard by Coyote Leather

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Fine leather hunting and training gear for the discriminating outdoorsman.

All American Made! Coyote Leather Company designs unique, handmade leather hunting accessories with the outdoorsman in mind. Designed by an avid hunter and dog trainer for those looking for professional-grade hunting and training gear. Coyote equipment delivers excellence, distinction, and workmanship for the discriminating hunter and more importantly, enhances performance in the field.

Coyote's one lanyard system is tailored to the rigors of the Pro-Trainer. The Deluxe Lanyard holds and separates whistles and birdcalls. Designed to hold multiple calls with the optional single and double holders for two-piece calls.

Ultimate Lanyard by Coyote Leather
Ultimate Lanyard by Coyote Leather


Finally, one lanyard does it all! As a simple whistle lanyard, a Coyote Ultimate Lanyard™ is like any fine piece of equipment that complements and adds to the enjoyment of a training session, upland hunt, or field trial; however, it is in a duck blind or goose pit that the Coyote truly shines. Duck and goose call conveniently snap on and off as needed, plus the Coyote is designed to keep calls and whistles separated. The innovative design makes choosing your whistle or calls so much simpler no more tangles.

All Coyote lanyards are crafted the old-fashioned way . . . the finest oil-tanned latigo leathers are hand-stitched, braided, and assembled using appointments from the world's foremost wildlife silversmith, Sid Bell.  Each lanyard has one primary piece of silver and two accent pieces. The most popular lanyards include 20 Gauge pewter shotgun shells at the top and a silver pheasant, quail, grouse, or woodcock in the "V". The Coyote Ultimate Lanyard™ is an elegant and very practical piece of gear.

The lanyard is shipped with four single call holders. Purchase additional double holders below for using two-piece calls

The lanyard is priced with one silver upland accent with two pewter 12-or 20-Gauge shotgun shell accents at the top. 

Prices on silver are subject to change without notice due to the unstable market.

Basic one-piece silver options

Top Choice- 12- or 20-Gauge pewter shotgun shells, pewter Quail/Grouse, pewter Pheasant/Grouse, or Woodcock/Grouse.

Bottom Choice- located in the "V" of the lanyard, Silver Quail, Pheasant, or Grouse.

Please give us the details of your accent selection upon checkout. 

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