Turkey Box Call Denier Nylon Holster

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This is just an over-the-top box call holster made of near-indestructible ballistic 1050 denier nylon!

We already have an Amish shop making our custom nylon gun holsters and then we also sell our high-quality Amish turkey box calls. So, 2 + 2 just begged us to also make a denier nylon turkey box call holster as well. The outcome surpassed even our expectations. Pictured with our 10” boat paddle call but will also fit the standard half-moon call.  
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CCW Turkey Box Call Denier Nylon Holster
Denier Nylon Turkey Box Call Holster Turkey Box Call Holster Turkey Box Call Nylon Holster CCW Turkey Box Call Denier Nylon Holster Turkey Box Call Denier Nylon Holster Turkey Box Call Denier Nylon Holster


Our calls measure 2” T X 1-1/2 W X 6” on the half-moon and 10” on the boat paddle that is pictured. (Box Calls are not included)

An innovative idea that we have not seen anywhere else, is a turkey box call holster that will hold up in the thickets and also protect your prized box call.  
Amish crafted and manufactured with the highest quality materials available. A special tri-laminate fabric, consisting of an indestructible ballistic 1050 denier high tenacity nylon cloth face, over an exclusive hardened core foam center, with the interior lined with a soft brushed Trico lining to protect the finish of your box call. Seams are double stitched and bound for years of worry-free use. 
The pouch stays open just like a gun holster to slip the box call in and out without having to look down and fiddle with the fabric. 
Also available in camo material which is not available in the 1050 denier nylon.
Handcrafted in a small Amish shop, please expect 2-3 weeks for shipping.

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