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Mixes 3 batches of bread!

The ultimate off-grid kitchen machine by Millertech. A full-sized cordless DC tilting head kitchen stand mixer powered by popular tool batteries for large off-grid families who constantly cook and bake at home. Developed by an Amish company to provide off-grid kitchen appliances for Amish families. Powered by common lithium Dewalt, Milwaukee, or Makita tool battery packs. (Battery Packs or charger are not included) An AC version is also available at a lesser price.

Heavy-duty cast aluminum body, (not plastic), with 6 speeds.  It powers through bread dough mixes for up to three loaves of bread at a time. Includes a 7-qt stainless heavy-duty steel bowl, splash guard, paddle, whisk, and dough hook. Available in Red, Black, or White. Select the color and battery pack type using the drop-down boxes.

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The mixer is built heavy-duty and intended for home use only. Millertech provides a 1-year warranty. It is not recommended or warranted for commercial kitchen use.

This is the perfect solution for off-grid sustainable lifestyles, outdoor cookoff competitions, RV, boating, and disaster shelters. It is probably the most user-friendly and smoothest operating mixer that we have ever encountered.

Features a simple turn-positive locking bowl into the base.

Unique splash guard design fastens to the mixer head using soft rubber friction cleats. This design allows the splash guard to lift and open with the mixer head. Provides quick and easy access to the bowl when adding ingredients. This saves time and the hassle of removing it and placing it on and off the counter when adding ingredients. The splash guard also has an access port for adding a measuring spoon and pouring in ingredients as the mixer is running. The tilting mechanism features an easy-to-access lever on the side of the mixer.

The base of the mixer utilizes suction cup feet to hold it in place on a non-porous countertop.

The large 3-1/4” easy-to-reach control and speed dial are friendly to those with limited hand mobility.

Millertech is an Amish company most notable for its batteries, DC lights, and headlamps. They are dedicated to the development and design of products to enable the Amish to continue to live in a sustainable off-grid environment while still enjoying modern-day conveniences.

Cottage Craft Works goes deep into the Amish communities to find these types of durable products to outfit non-Amish families who also want to be free of grid power or use cordless products for camping, natural and manmade disasters from storms, and domestic/foreign terrorist grid attacks.

As climate change has caused an uptick in storm-related extended power outages more and more people are searching for cordless appliances to continue daily living.

The problem with many cordless appliances is that they are built cheaply with plastic parts to sit on a shelf just in case of a power outage. Many times, in the face of an emergency, they simply don’t work or work as advertised.

The Amish don’t subscribe to planned obsolescence or making things cheap to make a profit. They build things or have things built to last under heavy daily routine uses. The Millertech mixer is assembled and imported from overseas under rigid quality specifications. They are then inspected and converted to DC and tested in the US by the Amish before they are allowed to be sold.

Many products are being converted to tool batteries that the Amish use in their wood and metal shops. Charging is completed by solar panels or large generators that run during the day to power woodworking tools.

You will want to maintain at least two batteries to have a spare. A newer battery should provide enough power for three loaves of bread, then you will need to switch and recharge. Battery performance is based on AMP Hours as well as battery age. A minimum of 5 AH is commonly used. The Dewalt/Milwaukee unit will use either battery pack. Makita has its own docking port. Other discount store homeowner tool battery brands will not work.

This mixer may look like other electric stand mixers being sold online but, it is not the same. Those mostly have plastic housings whereas Millertech has an all-aluminum cast housing. It has all metal gears and is fitted in the US with a powerful 800W DC motor. The DC circuit boards are very expensive to build as well as the DC motor that is capable of the endurance needed for this type of stand mixer.

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Great making Bread or cake
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We needed to make some bread for our camping trip. This is a great product, especially off-grid or outdoors.

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Tool Battery Kitchen Stand Mixer |Cordless
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