Tool battery Adapter- Reel Mower Headlight

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Reel push mowers are not only eco-friendly they are neighbor-friendly allowing you to mow early mornings and late evenings. The problem is trying to see your way in the dark to take advantage of cooler mornings and evenings before the summer heat rolls in after sunup.

Now with our tool battery adapter, you can add your own 12-volt low amperage LED Headlight, (not included), to flood generous light to keep you in the rows or to even light up flower beds for plant care and weeding after dark. 

You will receive a precision milled battery block to securely hold your choice of tool battery equipped with an on and off switch, a mounting plate, two clamps, bolts, and nuts to fasten to a round tube handle up to 2” in diameter. (The LED light, light clamp, wiring, and zip ties, from the battery box, are not included with this kit)

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Tool battery Adapter- Reel Mower Headlight
Tool battery Adapter- Reel Mower Headlight Tool battery Adapter- Reel Mower Headlight Tool battery Adapter- Reel Mower Headlight Tool battery Adapter- Reel Mower Headlight Tool battery Adapter- Reel Mower Headlight


Mower Buddy tool battery adapter pack. Select from Dewalt/Milwaukee, or Makita 18- and 20-volt tool battery adapters. Allows you to use automotive and farm super bright LED lights and light bars (not included) to mow using your reel push mower early mornings and into the night

Perfect for not only reel mowers but any power mower, yard and garden equipment, rototillers, construction equipment, or equipment that does not generate its own power for lights and accessories.

The mower buddy converts your 18–20-volt output to 12 volts. The power board will protect against overloads, overheating, shorts, and arcs, so no need to add a fuse.

The mounting kit includes the mounting plate, screws, and two radiator hose-style clamps with a rubber strip to securely fasten on any size tubing up to 2”.

Made in the USA by the Amish who use and depend on tool battery-powered lighting for early morning and night chores.  We also have similar tool battery kits for buggies and wagons even with turn signal switches.

The new generation LED lights afford low amp draw on the battery pack. An 800-1200 lumen LED headlight pulls less the 1 Amp meaning that you can go up to 50 hours without a charge. The mower buddy is rated for up to a maximum of 5 amps from a 16–20-volt input. So, LED lights, and low amp draw accessories are a must. Older incandescent lights will exceed the Amp capacity.

Electrical conduit standoff bracket hangers come in sizes from ½”, up to 1-1/2”. They are equipped with a mounting hole and a bar clamp making them a perfect light mount holder to secure stud-mounted headlights onto handlebars, and rails.

Use with tool batteries and charges that you may already have in your garage or workshop.

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